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God’s Word For You Today: We Need Jesus To Live

God’s Word For You Today: We Need Jesus To Live
God’s Word For You Today: We Need Jesus To Live

Today’s Verse

John 6:32-51 “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Today’s Message

Science says we need at least 4 basic elements to survive: Water, Air, Food, Light. And look what the bible tells us about Jesus: I am the Living Water,  I am the Breath of Life, I am the Bread of Life, I am the Light of the World. Science was right, we need Jesus to live

Spiritual hunger more severe than physical hunger. Where can we find true food for our souls? Jesus is the bread of life! He alone can satisfy our spiritual cravings. Many people seek to satisfy the soul with money, success, fame, or pleasure, but there is a God-shaped void in everyone’s soul that can only be filled by Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven. If you embrace Jesus by faith, you will discover that he fills the emptiness within your life. You will be satisfied forever by the bread of life! Have you asked the Lord for your daily bread today, and have you come to him for the nourishment of your soul?

Today’s Prayer

Dear Father, thank You for sending Your Son to be our Bread of Life. Help us to continue to be nourished by Your Word, so that we may live God-pleasing lives here on earth and look forward to eternity with You! Amen.

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