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Gospel Singer Based In United Arab Emirates Urges Believers To Go Light Their World

Goodwin George, shares video of his come back cover song, with breathtaking desert views

Originally from India and now living in Oman in the UAE, Goodwin George has always wanted his life to be measured by his singing. He started out as a vocalist for cover bands playing concerts, churches, youth groups and anywhere someone would listen. His big break came in 2011 when his band was chosen to participate at rock icon Bryan Adams’ live concert in Pune, India. He was thrilled at the prospect of sharing the stage with a music legend. From there on, it was a mix of Gospel and secular tours for Goodwin.

But then he became confused as to where he was heading. Having grown up in a Christian family he knew the only really meaningful form of music was the kind that worships God. This led him to lead worship in churches and he finally left his secular band. He moved to Muscat  in 2014 to take up a new job. However Goodwin was beset by fears that he wouldn’t be able to continue with his passion for music and ministry.

“I thought I was losing it. I could feel hundreds of thousands of micro-collisions inside of me. I even feared getting on to the stage to perform. I had attached my identity to my musical ability rather than holding fast to my identity in Christ”, he says. At that point Goodwin just gave up. But at the same time he knew God had a plan. God knew what he was doing before he took him to this Arab land.

Right there, God brought his season of confusion to an end and called Goodwin to use his gifts of  leadership in worship in several congregations. Gradually he gained his confidence back and he has just made this recording comeback by dropping his first cover song in four years. With “Carry your candle, Go light the world,” he wants to show how God has given us His light to guide us and an open door through which to grow. And he wants to encourage us to  let that light shine in the darkness and show God’s love to the world.


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