Family Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Dying Granddad In Hospital Bed | God TV

Family Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Dying Granddad In Hospital Bed

Family Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Dying Granddad In Hospital Bed
Family Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ To Dying Granddad In Hospital Bed

Amidst grief and fear of losing a loved one, this family chose to sing the worship song ‘Amazing Grace’ to their dying granddad in a hospital bed.

Dying Granddad

Death is inevitable. In one way or another, sorrow floods someone who knows a loved one is soon departing from earth to the afterlife. It may be painful for a family or a friend, but according to the Scripture, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants” (Psalm 116:15). Thus, when one Christian family soon found out that their granddad was dying, they worshiped God amidst brokenness.

In a heart-wrenching video that went viral, a family surrounded their dying granddad in a hospital bed and responded in worship. While in tears, the grandsons decided to sing the Christian hymn ‘Amazing Grace’ to him.

A Moving Video

The video reached more than one million views and received thousands of comments from people from all over the world.

One YouTube user Kerry Cissne wrote, “That was one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen. I can’t imagine how hard that was to sing through those tears. God bless your family.”

Another wrote, “When someone dies the loved ones say ‘he’s gone.’ The ones in Heaven say ‘look, here he comes.’ I saw this in a hospice pamphlet. It gave me peace.”

Someone also commented, “Absolutely beautiful. This shows the kind of legacy this man is leaving behind. He talked to his family about the Lord. He spent quality time with them. He prayed for them all and with them if they wanted it. It’s difficult to let go of something like this.”

Indeed, this was a beautiful picture of a family who truly loves the Lord. That even to the point of a dying loved one, they call upon the Lord and choose to worship Him.

Reference: Faithpot

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