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There’s A Greater Purpose For The Wilderness

“What the Lord is stirring in this season is."

There’s A Greater Purpose For The Wilderness
There’s A Greater Purpose For The Wilderness

There’s a greater purpose for our seasons in the wilderness.


In an episode of New Wine United Breaks Out, Pete Hughes shares a message on the purpose of the wilderness. He began his message by explaining how COVID-19 sent us into a wilderness experience. However, there is a purpose for the wilderness because it is in the stillness of the desert where our souls come out of hiding.

We get to be able to present our true selves in the presence of God when we’re in the season of wilderness. And in the presence of God, there is healing and transformation.

“We’ve retreated through COVID-19, it’s felt uncomfortable, we’ve become aware of some of the stuff that’s going on within. But, hopefully, as we brought that before God, there’s healing taking place, there’s formation taking place,” Pete explained.

Greater purpose

It is also in the wilderness where God prepares us for His fire.

“There’s a greater purpose of the wilderness beyond just formation, it’s a place where we are filled with the fire of God’s presence,” he added.

As we come out of the wilderness, awakening, and revival are about to happen!

“We long for a revival in the church because we also long for an awakening in the culture,” Pete emphasized.

“What the Lord is stirring in this season is, I’m fully aware it’s a brutal season in many ways, is it this season is a place for formation, it’s a place of preparation as we ready ourselves to receive fire. Because I believe the Lord wants to bring a spiritual awakening to this land.”

The anointing of Jesus Christ is upon us. And we are called to use that anointing to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of the Lord to every nation.

“That’s what the anointing is for, yes, to proclaim the good news, but more on that, to demonstrate good news.”

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