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Guess Who’s Having a Birthday?

Guess Who’s Having a Birthday?
Guess Who’s Having a Birthday?

Everybody loves a birthday party, especially when it’s a milestone 21st;  50th or 80th. 23 isn’t really considered a milestone, yet at GOD TV every additional year of reaching further with the Good News of Jesus is worthy of celebration! It represents another year of overcoming the challenges we face, and the joy of more lives transformed!

Yes, it’s GOD TV’s birthday month and we’re grateful to all who support us so faithfully, making our growing outreach possible! Those of us who have been with GOD TV since the beginning remember the first broadcasts in 1995 and how God has established this ministry over the past two decades breaking new ground every year.

If you would like to send GOD TV a birthday gift or greeting we would love to hear from you. Say Happy Birthday to GOD TV!

23 Years of Touching Nations

The ministry was founded in the UK on 1 October, 1995 by South African born Christian broadcasting pioneer, Rory Alec and British born creative evangelist, Wendy Alec. Since then GOD TV has grown in leaps and bounds to incorporate team members from many different countries, nationalities and cultures as we have expanded across the world.

We currently have staff all over the USA and in different cities of the UK. Plus regional directors and team members in Germany, Norway, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka and Australia to name some of the countries where GOD TV is represented. Plus our CEO, Ward Simpson is originally from Barbados, an island off the coast of South America!  It seems God’s plan for this ministry has always been “from the nations to the nations!”

Birthday Greetings from Wendy

It’s amazing to think that GOD TV grew from a kitchen table as Wendy says to become an international network with offices worldwide and a diverse global team. This enables us to broadcast to around 300 million connected homes across the globe, 24-hours-a-day, with a potential viewing audience of over 1 billion people!

Additionally, the network is engaged in spreading the Gospel via the Internet around the clock. This has resulted in a combined following of more than 10 million people on social media who watch approximately 3 million video views over a 12-month period. Plus, we are currently enjoying rapid growth with 1.5 million unique visitors accessing our apps and websites every month. 

We thank God that by his grace and through the support of our viewers we are able to reach people wherever they are and on whatever device they are using, touching lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Be a part of this Extraordinary Vision!

During GOD TV’s birthday month, our leader Ward Simpson will be hosting Vision Week from 8-11 October, with replays throughout the month. Faith, Family, Favour and Faithfulness are the focal points of this year’s Vision Week.  So, be sure to join Ward and his special guests direct from Orlando, Florida for this series of daily faith-building broadcasts.

Tune in and discover how you can ensure your prayers are answered. You will also see the fruit of GOD TV’s outreach this year and how you can help us reach more people with the Good News of Jesus.

Say Happy Birthday to GOD TV!

If you would like to send GOD TV a birthday gift or greeting we would love to hear from you. Send us a birthday gift and help us reach more people with the Gospel or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

This article was written by Al Gibson who has worked in communications at GOD TV for 17 years.

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