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Have You Read Your Bible Today?

The importance of getting in your Bible TODAY

Have You Read Your Bible Today?
Have You Read Your Bible Today?

Why should you read your Bible today?

I believe with all of my heart that the Bible is the only true and firm foundation that we can reference in this lifetime. There are countless philosophies, ideas mindsets, and probabilities in this world, YET who can truly distinguish what to believe in such a giant pool of information?

You see, there is a difference between “fact” and “truth”. While the world may be giving us a constant flow of “facts”, it doesn’t mean that it is all rooted in the truth. The Word of God is the only place where we can find the truth and the foundational philosophies that make up a mind that is strong and unwavering.

Reading your Bible today, even if it’s something small, is building upon that foundation.

Blessing your “now”

You see, reading the Word isn’t just a physical act, but it’s a spiritual act as well. It not only feeds your mind with healthy information, but it feeds your heart, spirit, and soul with the voice of your Father – and that’s what we’re all really, truly hungry for, isn’t it?

Reading your Bible today is sowing into your future and blessing your “now”.

Reading the Word softens your heart to a place of being teachable and moldable. Whenever we let God mold us, we are letting Him touch our lives and come close to us in a very personal way. It’s letting Him into your world! Let God into your world, today.

Let Him love you and fill you up with the love that you so desire!

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