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Healing From Terminal Skin Disease Broadcasted On News Media

Healing From Terminal Skin Disease Broadcasted On News Media
Healing From Terminal Skin Disease Broadcasted On News Media

During a mission trip to Croatia, we took a Croatian church into the streets to do an outreach. Out in broad daylight in one of the busiest areas of downtown Zagreb, we began to shout, “We are a team from America here to bring healing to your bodies, and it’s free. We love Croatia! Come forward if you need healing!” We yelled like this for 20 minutes, and it wasn’t really working. But the Holy Spirit encouraged us to keep saying we were there to heal the sick. So we did.

Finally, a woman and her daughter came up to us. The mother didn’t speak English very well, but her daughter shared that her mother had scleroderma, a terminal skin disease that took over her body and affected her internal organs. I started praying for her, and I could feel the power of God go through her body like electricity. With her hands over her heart, she started to weep and rock back and forth. It was starting to draw a crowd.

The power of God overcame her, and she ended up falling to the ground. When she got her strength back, she stood up and exclaimed, “Wow, this is incredible!” and instantly started to thank God excitedly.

The scleroderma had made her skin stiff and unbearably itchy and it had cut her lung capacity short. But she felt something come out of her and said her body didn’t hurt anymore. All the itching and pain disappeared, and she could breathe with full use of her lungs!

While we were still in the United States, we had sensed that God would do something with the media on our trip. Sure enough, there were cameramen milling around in the square that afternoon for the presidential visit, and one of them was told to come over to us.

The woman then testified on local TV that Jesus had knocked her down and healed her. Turns out she had a worldwide awareness foundation on scleroderma that taught people how to deal with its symptoms. She had often been on TV and now felt the need to educate people on how Jesus could heal them, too. She said the next time she was on, she wanted to share her story with all her viewers. God not only turned a woman’s life around-He set up the media to display it to the world!

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