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Hear The Call, For The Storm Is Upon You

Will You Get Out of the Boat?

Hear The Call, For The Storm Is Upon You
Hear The Call, For The Storm Is Upon You

I spent a number of posts recently discussing where I believe God is leading in this season and in this decade. I have tried with everything that is in me to convey that this is the season for building. And a season of preparation for those who feel the call and leading of God to do so. With this in mind, God has been directing me of late to take another look at a familiar passage of scripture.  In this passage, Jesus sent his disciples ahead of Him to cross a lake. However, He remained behind to dismiss the crowds that had gathered. Finally, He went off to the hills to pray (see Matthew 14:22-30). 

The Call To Build

As I read this familiar passage, God began to relay to me a unique thought regarding this and the call to build. While reading this passage, I began to see how many are finding themselves in a precarious position. Ultimately, God has given instructions to go ahead while He is tending to a thing. How often are we in a situation where we hear clearly from God that we are to do something? Yet we have a feeling we were sent and He is somehow not with us. Then, when we’re out and making progress, a storm breaks out and it impedes our progress. 

Even greater than this, is when things seem to be at the greatest degree of pressure. We see and hear something but are unsure about it. Our historical context tells us that what we think we see and hear cannot possibly be. Peter and the others, amid all of the winds and waves, see and hear Jesus walking on the water. Jesus reminds them that they have nothing to fear because He is present. We find that in that most intense moment, Peter hears the call of Jesus. He wonders to himself if he should dare to step out where Jesus is. Is it possible to walk as Jesus does? How bold of a step is it to leave the seeming safety of the boat? 

The Storm Upon Us

Nationally and personally, we are being invited to step out into something that seems impossible to us at the most impractical time. The question we have to answer at this moment is, “Are we willing to get out of the boat when a storm is upon us?” Peter dared to go where others feared to tread. We are in a moment in time when God is likewise calling us to “come”. Additionally, He wants us to step out of our comfort, our place of familiarity, our place of safety, and step into the unknown and unseen. 

The call to build is often a place where we have not gone before. The call is coming even at a time when all logic says “this is insane” or “this is unsafe”. Yet we must believe that if we have been called, we are not being called with the intent that God would ever tell us to do something to lead us into harm but to invite us to a greater level of faith. 

Hear The Call

This is a season and time of the call to build. What have you been called to build that in your own strength, you know you can’t do? Are you willing to hearken to the call of God? Who says if you only have faith to keep your eyes on Him, He’ll bring you through? Look back as the number of those who never dared to get out of the boat. Do you want to be like them? Or like Peter who dared to dream and to believe that if I hear the call to step forth, I too can do whatever I’ve heard the call to do? 

May this be a time when you are willing to hear the call of God and daring to step out of the boat. The key to it all is keeping your eye on Jesus and holding fast to your faith that what He has said, He will likewise be faithful until you to help you to perform it and bring it to pass. 

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