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Heart Support: Breaking Barriers In The Music Scene

Heart Support - the encouraging organization with it's roots in heavy metal

Heart Support: Breaking Barriers In The Music Scene
Heart Support: Breaking Barriers In The Music Scene

“Hold Fast, We Believe in You”. This is the message being heard by tens of thousands of people per day who are fortunate enough to find Heart Support on Youtube, social media or at a live concert festival.

Heart Support is a nonprofit organization founded by Jake Luhrs, the frontman for the Grammy-nominated metal-core band from Lancaster Pennsylvania, August Burns Red. August Burns Red is easily one of the biggest names the metal scene and has the discography, tour schedule and fanbase to prove it.

Jake was touched by the messages he received and encounters that he had in person with fans telling him how his bands’ music had saved them from addiction, heartbreak or even suicide.

So after hearing hundreds of these stories, Jake decided it was time to do something to help fans struggling with anxiety, depression and mental health in the music scene. That is when he founded Heart Support.

Heart Support started up in 2011 and has been running ever since.

Since its launch, Heart Support has been recognized as Non-profit of the year by the Alternative Press and even among the Top 100 non-profits in the world for social innovation at the Classy Awards.


If you come across Heart Support on social media, you’ll likely see a good bit of Taylor Palmby, the communications manager for the organization. I had the chance to speak with Taylor and hear her heart for the movement a few days ago, and this is what she had to say:

“Our roots are in the metal scene, so the music and the people in the scene are hugely important to use. We work to use metal lyrics and artists as a starting point to relate to people and invite them into our community. For example, four days a week I post metal lyrics that evoke emotion on our Instagram and ask the community to open up about their own struggles in the comments. We also invite metal artists like Matty Mullins, Ryan Kirby, and JT Cavey to go live on our Instagram page and on twitch to offer support and encouragement to our community.”

“We strive to give fans the opportunity to connect with the artists they love on a deeper level that allows them to feel heard and supported… go to festivals like SoWhat and Warped Tour and physically speak with people in the scene, and that is where a lot of the magic happens. When we actually get to connect with people, hear their hearts and offer them our resources we know that it changes lives and helps people heal.” Taylor said.

“In terms of faith, everything we do is rooted in the belief that we should love as Jesus does. We love and accept everyone regardless of the color of their skin, what they believe, who they love, what they’ve done or what’s been done to them.” Taylor Palmby continued.

This article is here to share the side of Christianity that I feel gets outcasted the most.
1. Mental Health
2. Heavy Music

I hope that this article changes your perspective and possibly encourages you to help Heart Support further their message by simply sharing this article or even contributing financially.

You can learn more, receive support or give at heartsupport.com.

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