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Heidi Baker – The Fire Of God

Get the oil. Burn for Jesus.

Heidi Baker – The Fire Of God
Heidi Baker – The Fire Of God

If you want to burn, you need the oil. It’s a simple fact – there is no fire without fuel. The authors of the Bible often used the image of oil to portray the Holy Spirit. And, in the book of Acts, we read that when the Holy Spirit came on the early church, a fire was lit on, and in, their lives.

Fire is a powerful, powerful force. It brings light into darkness. It brings warmth into the cold. It can destroy strongholds, power massive machines, change raw ingredients into nourishing food, and renew huge swaths of land. Fire is essential to our physical lives. In the same way, the Fire of God is essential to our spiritual lives. We need the light, heat, strength, sustenance, and renewal that it brings.

But, if we want God’s holy fire to burn in us, we need the oil of the Holy Spirit to fuel it. The question isn’t if we need it. It’s, where do we get it? The answer is found, again, in the book of Acts. In Chapter One we read that before Jesus ascended to the right hand of God the Father, He told his followers to get together in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit to come. This principle holds true today: the followers of Jesus get the oil of the Spirit to fuel the fire of God on their lives when they simply gather and wait on Him to come.

This September, I’ll be at the Light the Fire Again Conference in Pensacola, Florida with ten-thousand Jesus-followers doing just that – waiting for the Holy Spirit to bring fuel to the flames of revival in my life, our nation, and this world. We all need fresh oil from Him to stay ablaze. So, I hope you’ll join us as we wait with confidence that He will come and light the fire in our hearts on fire again.

The fire is essentail

– Heidi Baker

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