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‘I Was Held at Gunpoint, But God Used it to Get My Attention’

South African Singer-Songwriter, Kylé Adcock shares how God restored her to her calling

‘I Was Held at Gunpoint, But God Used it to Get My Attention’
‘I Was Held at Gunpoint, But God Used it to Get My Attention’

Two burglars recently held me up at gunpoint, along with one of my students and at the time I thought we were never going to get out of this ordeal alive. It was a terrifying experience, but God used it along with a string of negative things to get my attention.I have led worship in many churches and been in a prominent Christian band but have I always praised God? Have I always honoured Him? No. In fact like David in the Bible, I went through a very miserable time and I think God got quite tired of me moaning.

After getting burnt out from the ministry, I did a fade. I gave God certain conditions as to how I would minister. Well let me tell you something, looking back now, I realise you never give God conditions. So God stopped the bookings from coming in. In fact, God stopped the financial blessings. I was disobedient to the call of God on my life. I knew it. I got so miserable that I asked God to take me home to Heaven, daily.

Things got worse when my mother passed away in 2014, I was devastated. However before she died I promised her that I would sing again and was preparing my voice to go back on the road. But, then, in 2015 I got Bell’s palsy, a condition that causes paralysis in the face and I looked terrible.

Things had just started coming right and my face was correcting itself, when I was held at gunpoint with my student. One night while I was teaching, two men wearing balaclavas gained access to my residence.

They told us to lie down on the floor and tied our hands and feet. They stole my student’s car  and robbed me of my jewellery and computer. Now there were some very precious pieces in my jewellery box from my dear mother. So, it wasn’t the cost that bothered me but their irreplaceable sentimental value.

We kept very quiet during the robbery and just co operated. I knew to do this because I had read about this happening and what to do in this situation. I thought ok, this is it, this is my time, I am going to leave the earth now. I said the sinner’s prayer and asked God to forgive me for any wrongdoing in my life. The burglars quickly exited after taking what they wanted.

Later, after the police had taken a statement,  I asked God what this was all about. “Why didn’t they harm us?” I asked knowing that so many South Africans have lost their lives in home burglaries and hijackings.

I clearly heard God say to me, “Because you still have things I need you to do”.

After that I had a mini stroke. I thought it was Bell’s palsy but it was confirmed to be a minor stroke. In this process I lost my speech skills as well as some motor skills. Being a singer this is not a good thing. I literally had to retrain my voice from scratch.

Sometimes, I wonder why this all happened. But this I’ve learnt. Earthly possessions mean nothing. They are nice to have but your relationship with God is EVERYTHING. Quickly I repented to God for walking out of my calling and putting conditions to continuing my calling.

I am still waiting to release a song as a testimony to Jesus for healing me and this will happen in due season. You see I am telling you this, not to feel sorry for me, but to tell you to NEVER WALK AWAY FROM THE CALL OF GOD ON YOUR LIFE. It is not worth it.  I hope that this testimony will help someone who has turned their back on God or given God conditions.

Have you lost your way?

Do you need God to get you back to where you were? God longs for you to live for Him and walk in His will. God knows your hurts and sees your tears. Here is a prayer you can pray to get back on track with your life with God and your calling.

Dear Heavenly Father

I repent for doubting you and disobeying Your Will. Help me to get back to the calling you have on and in my life. I give You my heart Jesus. Help me to do what is right in Your sight.  I am sorry for not listening to You and ask You for a second chance.

Give me the strength to do all I can to obey You one day at a time. Let my light shine.  Forgive me God. Let me walk in Your anointing and the fullness of Your anointing as to what you have pre destined in my life. God I ask that you redesign my life to Your Will and glory. I ask this in Your precious Son’s name, Jesus. Amen.

This article was written by Kylé Adcock who is a singer songwriter based in South Africa. She studied singing at Trinity College, London and is a vocal coach at Kylé Music, raising up a new generation of recording artists and worship leaders.

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