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Help Our Indian Brothers And Sisters In Their Darkest Hour

Help Our Indian Brothers And Sisters In Their Darkest Hour
Help Our Indian Brothers And Sisters In Their Darkest Hour

I am writing to you from the GOD TV India offices in Chennai. Today, India has reported 370,000 new cases of Covid-19, with the death toll crossing 200,000. It is said that the spread will peak around mid-May and scientists predict that there may be a million deaths by August.

As a team, we are witnessing despair all around. It is traumatic enough for those battling the virus, but the families of the patients are also going through horrific experiences trying everything to get the medical support for their loved ones.

There just isn’t enough infrastructure to handle this outbreak. Something as basic as oxygen is in very high demand.

People are dying alone in their homes, some on the streets, some in their cars. It seems like there’s no dignity for life anymore. People are not valued. One person tweeted ‘death has reached every family now’ in reference to a village in the north of India. Many families have lost more than 1 person and with not enough space to bury the dead, those grieving are not able to say a proper goodbye.

The lockdown’s effect on the economy has meant many are struggling financially; some not even able to afford one square meal a day let alone any healthcare at all. During the 2020 lockdowns, domestic and sexual violence increased by 21%* in India. The figures will only be rising during this wave of the virus and the long-term effects are hard to comprehend.

Overall, India’s future looks very bleak. Fear of falling sick and death has crept into everyone’s life. Death has become a very common reality. People are angry and desperate.

This is where GOD TV India are privileged to be a lighthouse during this time of dire need. We are committed to encouraging and standing with whoever needs support.

We are a hospital for souls; treating fear, panic and anxiety with the unchanging Word of God; showing them Jesus, eternal life and hope. We are proud of the Gospel and unafraid of death. The programmes on GOD TV are enriching and speaking life to so many who don’t know Christ.

With a reach of 100 million in India and programming translated into Urdu and Punjabi, we are entering homes that are going through difficulties and giving people the opportunity to know Christ and HIS love.

However, we face challenges in maintaining this distribution. Despite making it a priority not to lose any of the 100 million homes, the costs are very high and currently difficult to maintain. Losing distribution means losing the opportunity to be there in people’s darkest hour with the life-saving Gospel message.

As a team, we are unafraid of the situation that’s on the ground. We are committed to serving God and showing people the way, the truth and life. While the nations of the world continue to send physical aid, there is a distinct lack of spiritual support for those lost and seeking.

We must continue to share the message of hope that can only be found in Jesus! Help us to be a lighthouse in this great time of darkness.

You are truly part of a global movement. By standing together at this time, we can ensure the people of India will continue to hear the Gospel truth, right now – the very moment they need Jesus the most.

We are one global family. Will you do something – anything – to help your Indian brothers and sisters? Give here.

Blessings, Thomas Robinson, Regional Director of GOD TV India

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