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Here Are The Six Aspects of Life You Need To Prepare Before Entering A Relationship

Be ready for that special someone by strengthening these six areas of your life

Here Are The Six Aspects of Life You Need To Prepare Before Entering A Relationship
Here Are The Six Aspects of Life You Need To Prepare Before Entering A Relationship

We all know that relationships have the ability to impact your walk with the Lord. Your special someone can either draw you closer to Jesus or further away. Entering A relationship is something that should be considered very prayerfully.

If you are looking to enter a relationship with someone anytime soon, read this first!

Here are six aspects of life that you need to prepare before entering a romantic relationship:

Entering A Relationship – Your Spiritual Life

Entering A Relationship

Before entering into a relationship, you should first have your relationship with the Lord in a strong and stable place. Make sure your faith is not easily shaken. You need to make sure that the rollercoaster of emotions that come with a relationship will not sway or pull you away from your connection with Jesus.

Your commitment to God should be strong before you commit to someone else. Work toward maturity both spiritually and emotionally.

Entering A Relationship – You financial lifeEntering A Relationship

Being financially independent and/or savvy is extremely important before entering into a relationship. Finances are one of the main topics of a relationship that cause friction. You need to understand your own spending impulses and be willing to compromise with someone else who may view money differently than yourself. Be flexible and don’t let money (or lack thereof) keep you from connecting to your loved one.


Entering A Relationship

Are you emotionally ready to enter into a relationship?

Being in a relationship is not only made up of butterflies in your stomach and dreaming about the future, but being in a relationship also brings up the kinds of emotions, feelings and insecurities that you will never face otherwise. Entering a relationship is vulnerable and you have to know how to nurture your heart in the process and not allow emotions to completely take over and cause you to make irrational decisions.

Make sure that you are emotionally strong. Know how to handle and process your emotions well.

This is also a place where having great friends can come into play. Let your friends into your inner world and be willing to listen to sound advice.

Mental Stability

Can you handle the stress that comes with a relationship?

As I have mentioned earlier, relationships are not just about those butterflies in your stomach. Your partner will not be a perfect person – nobody is. You have to be OK with someone’s flaws and imperfections. You should be mentally mature enough to accept them as they are and still love them the same.

Your sexuality

Being sexually ready means having self-control. Sex is a gift from God for those who are in a covenant of marriage. In committing to a relationship, you also commit to waiting until the perfect timing of God. Don’t rush into a relationship to satisfy your flesh, but protect your purity and as well as the purity of your partner.

Know when to step away from a situation. Know your boundaries and communicate them clearly with one another. You probably want accountability partners as well to keep in check with the two of you. Someone who is on the outside that you have to be accountable to.


Being socially ready means letting the people around you into your life and giving them a voice in your relationship. Honor your parents and your spiritual leaders by letting them know about your relationship status and seeking their advice. In that, your relationship will be a blessing to those around you.

If you are seeking for a long-lasting and a worth-while relationship – prepare for it! And ask the Lord to mold you as you wait for your partner.


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This article was written by Rhoda Gayle

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