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High-Priest Satanist Encounters Jesus!

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High-Priest Satanist Encounters Jesus!
High-Priest Satanist Encounters Jesus!

John Ramirez grew up in a family who practiced Santeria.  His father’s side came from a family of witches and warlocks.  Growing up, John longed for a relationship with his dad.  However, his father was heavy on Santeria and spiritualism.

“There was no love; there was no compassion. We watched him beat my mother in the house.  He came in drunk most of the time–demanding stuff, asking for stuff.  If things weren’t done a certain way it was always put down, hurtful words: ‘Dummy!  Stupid!  You’re going to amount to nothing.’  That kind of stuff,” John recalls. “I would just stand by the door and look and see what he was up to because I was looking to see if there was time for me just to have interaction.  Hey, my dad and I did something. But he was connected to the demons; he was connected to Spiritualism.”

And because of the longing John felt to have a father figure, his involvement with Santeria deepened quickly. He says Satan became the father he never had, making John devoted to him.

Until he was invited to go to church – his life wass forever changed.

Credits: YouTube | CBN – The Christian Broadcasting Network

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