LISTEN: Hillsong United’s Wonder : How Do You See The World?

Hillsong United’s “Wonder”: How Do You See The World?

Hillsong United’s “Wonder”: How Do You See The World?
Hillsong United’s “Wonder”: How Do You See The World?

 “Wonder”: How Do You See The World?

The title track for Hillsong United’s new album “Wonder” is a celebration. Of what? you might ask. Well, Hillsong is known for going deep (with “Oceans”), being real (with “Even When It Hurts”), and worshiping the Lord (with all their songs). But for everything, there is a season, and it’s time to celebrate. With their recent release “Wonder,” Hillsong rises above pessimism, conflict, and doom to champion a beautifully optimistic message of God’s wonder.

Childlike Wonder

In a recent interview about the album, guitarist and vocalist Matt Crocker explained the rationale behind it: “The world needs happiness, and the world needs joy. It’s our endeavor to … use what God has given us – music and writing and singing – … to bring joy to people’s lives.”

Lead vocalist of “Wonder,” Taya Smith, added, “My interpretation of it is childlike faith.” Just as children see wonder in even the mundane, we can too – even as adults!” She continued, “God’s in everything. You can just be in awe and wowed at who God is if you choose to be. For me, ‘Wonder’ is the best reminder of that.”

I See The World Your Way

Reminiscent of Brandon Heath’s “Give Me Your Eyes,” the lyrics of “Wonder” declare, “I see the world in light / I see the world in wonder / I see the world in life / Bursting in living color / I see the world Your way/ And I’m walking in the light!”

The Bible encourages us to look beyond what we see all around us – despair, death, destruction, division – and have faith in the unseen (Hebrews 11:1). Hillsong reminds us to pray to see the world through God’s eyes so that even the long and dreary path to the subway station is bursting with radiant color and unlimited possibilities.

Beauty Everywhere

In the artsy music video for “Wonder,” we see an outdated TV sitting in an unremarkable living room. Not the stuff of awe and wonder. But slowly, the Earth comes into focus on the screen, and as it zooms in, a spectrum of color surrounds it. And then the party starts. The color shines out from the earth, enveloping the entire living room in a disco-like atmosphere.

No matter what you are doing – watching TV, riding a bike, or sitting at your desk – try to find the color. Don’t get lost in boredom, apathy, or angst. God intends more for your life – and it’s all about perspective. How do you see the world?


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