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History Reveals That GOD Can STOP The CORONAVIRUS Through PRAYER!

If God stopped Adolf Hitler's invasion of Moscow in WWII through prayer, He can stop the spread of the Coronavirus!

What if I told you that history actually reveals that GOD can stop the Coronavirus through prayer and targeted intercession?!

It’s true! Some years ago I was drawn to read the biography of Rees Howells, a remarkable intercessor from Wales.

He was called by God to pray secretly through the campaigns of World War II and shown that in the Spirit realm it was a battle between Satan (who had entered Hitler) and the Holy Spirit.

Some years ago, I visited the Bible College of Wales where Rees Howells and his band of intercessors actually prayed. I walked the grounds and worshipped Jesus and trembled under the anointing of power that is still on those grounds.

Did you know that the Holy Spirit actually challenged Rees Howells to pray for the impossible: that Adolf Hitler’s Blitzkrieg would be stopped at the Gates of Moscow?

And…if God can do the impossible then, He can surely do the impossible now.

He can stop the spread of this virus.

I personally believe it’s been the secret prayers of intercessors around the world that has caused this virus to be way less impactful than it could have.

Intercession is literally casting back the spiritual darkness and saving lives! Keep going, prayer warriors!!!

God Can Stop the Coronavirus Through Prayer!

By watching this 15 minute short film, you will be educated and inspired on the following themes from the true story of Rees Howells: consecration, full surrender, and abiding in Christ.

Also: engaging the powers of darkness in prayer, reversing the circumstances, and dialoguing with the Holy Spirit in conversation.

And also, being commissioned by the Holy Spirit on prayer assignments, because INTERCESSION CAN CHANGE HISTORY!

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