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Hobby Lobby President Talks About The Bible

"We're Christians, and we run our business on Christian principles"

Hobby Lobby President Talks About The Bible
Hobby Lobby President Talks About The Bible

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green talks about the Bible in an interview about his new book “This Beautiful Book”.

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc.

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is a private Oklahoma-based corporation which owns a chain of American arts and crafts stores. David Green originally founded it as the Hobby Lobby Creative Centers in August 1972. Now with, over 822 retail stores, the success of Hobby Lobby is clearly evident. However, behind their success is a faithful God who has been with them since the beginning.

David, who grew up in a family of preachers, founded the company on strong biblical principles.

“We’re Christians and we run our business on Christian principles,” the founder and CEO, David, said.

Steve Green

Today, Hobby Lobby president Steve Green, David’s son, openly talks about the Bible in his book, “This Beautiful Book”.

When asked about the success of the retail store, Steve talked about having their family as their number one priority. Being built and run by the Green family, they clearly treasure family more than anything else.

“Their family is more important than this business and they need to be sure to take care of their family first and then Hobby Lobby second,” Steve said. “Part of our success is the fact that we do have our priorities right as best as we can.”

The Bible

Steve Green also emphasized that the Bible offers something greater that every person needs.

“We hope that people will come to understand that there really is something about this book that we celebrate, the Bible,” Steve said. “Hopefully, people will look to this book to see that there is a God that loves them.”

Steve also related the Bible to politics, sports, business, market, economy and wealth.

“Wealth can be a distraction or a diversion and can be a trap for people so it’s something that you have to be very careful with.”

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Reference: Fox News 


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