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Hobby Lobby Proclaims Christ Is Lord In Full-Page Newspaper Ads

The Christian company sought to reach as many people as possible this Christmas.

Hobby Lobby Proclaims Christ Is Lord In Full-Page Newspaper Ads
Hobby Lobby Proclaims Christ Is Lord In Full-Page Newspaper Ads

Nowadays, human tradition has intertwined with the true meaning of Christmas. However, Hobby Lobby found a way to bring back and proclaim the real essence of Christmas.

Hobby Lobby ran a full-page ad in newspapers declaring Christ is Lord. And this week, a lot of people learned about Jesus’ birth because of it.

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The company’s ads directed countless Americans to a Christian website. The full-page ad shared a simple message to readers. It depicted the Biblical scene when Christ was born. The image shows a star in the sky against a blue background. And “It’s a boy” a message was written. Also, printed underneath is Luke 2:11, “Today in the town of David a savior has been born to you; He is Christ the Lord.”

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Intentional Full-Page Ad For Unbelievers

Moreover, Hobby Lobby was very intentional with their full-page ad, especially towards unbelievers.   They wrote at the bottom of the ad, “If you would like to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, visit Need Him Ministry at ChatAboutJesus.com. To download a free Bible for your phone, go to Mardel.com/Bible.”

In a press release, the Christian company explained, “This ad serves as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and celebrates what millions of people around the world and for centuries have considered a turning point in human history – the birth of Jesus Christ.”

God’s Commission To Hobby Lobby

The founder, David Green came up with the idea during the 1995 Christmas season 1995. But it wasn’t until 1997 when the first Christmas ad was run.

“Green was reading the Christmas advertisements, including those for his own store, and he felt commissioned by God to do something different,” Hobby Lobby’s website recounted.

“Hobby Lobby was selling all kinds of crafts that customers used to celebrate Christmas. Yet David Green was struck by the lack of any testimony in newspapers regarding the meaning of the holiday.”

“… Before long, Hobby Lobby was placing beautiful full-page ads celebrating the real meaning of Christmas, Easter and Independence Day in newspapers across the country. The impact and relevance of these messages is (sic) ongoing, so we post them here for your enjoyment,” it says.

Moreover, Hobby Lobby also runs Christian-themed ads every Easter and Independence Day.

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