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Holy Spirit Took Over A Wedding

Holy Spirit Took Over A Wedding
Holy Spirit Took Over A Wedding

A wedding in San Diego, California, turned into a worship service when Holy Spirit took over and moved in the bride, groom, and guests’ hearts.

Holy Spirit Took Over Christian Wedding

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for two people to celebrate becoming one before the presence of God. Thus, it was important for Jackie and Michael to start their wedding ceremony by welcoming and acknowledging God’s presence in their midst.

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In a video that went viral, the Holy Spirit powerfully took over during the Christian couple’s wedding ceremony. While singing “Build My Life,” the bride and groom worshiped God intimately. Both the bride and groom raised their hands in awe of Him. And on the right side where the groomsmen stood, they broke out in intimate worship as well. Everyone declared the song’s lyric, “And I will build my life upon your love, it is a firm foundation. And I will put my trust in you alone. I will not be shaken.”

A Blessing

The viral wedding worship blessed hundreds of thousands, and comments poured in on the video.

User Nebria Scott wrote, “Nothing like being in a marriage with someone who loves the Lord and worships Him with you. I so long for this type of marriage!!!! A relationship within a relationship with the King of Kings.”

Another by Maestra Rising ’08 said, “This is so touching. The groom has some good brothers in Christ. They are on fire for the Lord. I can’t wait to see how God will use their lives and elevate them to bless others. Amazing! Amen!”

Indeed, this was not just any typical wedding, but a Christ-centered wedding where God was honored and glorified. No wonder the Holy Spirit took over!

May God bless Jackie and Michael Tucker in their marriage!

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