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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

I had a dear friend who sadly passed away some years ago, and way before my life seemed to fall apart and all my ‘ducks in a row’ disappeared. She was prophetic and heard from God, so if she called me to give me a word, I received it without question. Her last conversation with me was these words: “God wants you to go home.” I was like, okay, what does that even mean? It didn’t fit into my life at all. So, I tucked it away, and it remained an unfinished prophetic word.

Fast forward to when my husband died, and I felt as misplaced as anyone ever could. I still had a house; I still had children. How could I feel so misplaced in my own life? I wrote a song trying to express my pain.

“I could understand if I was lost on a road I didn’t know / And there were no signs to tell me where I should or shouldn’t go / But I find myself lost in a place, I’ve called my own / that was my home. / And I turn around, only to find I’m all alone.”  

So, I tucked it away and it remained an unfinished song.

God wants you to go home

Then,  those words started to stir inside of me… “God wants you to go home.”

Okay God and just where is HOME? Which one were You referring to? NH? WVA? MICHIGAN? NEW YORK? MARYLAND? CALIFORNIA?

INDIA? AFRICA? HEAVEN? Really, I asked Him just exactly where is MY home; the one I long for and the reason why I feel like a misfit. It has taken the journey of the past 14 years to get an answer .

Home is NOT a house. It is NOT a white picket fence. It is NOT
a dinner table. It is NOT a yard. It is NOT even people. (ouch) Home is something you carry inside you. I can live in California or NY or India and STILL feel misplaced, if I do NOT find home in my own heart!

We ALL have the same longing to belong, to feel safe, to feel loved as is, to have a home, and we ALL can FIND it. It is as easy and as hard as finding yourself.

It has taken me 14 years of all the outside things being stripped away, for me to HAVE to come face to face with ME and to realize, I AM home.

Your life journey makes up the sum total of who you become. It all goes inside of you like that word I tucked away; like that song I tucked away . Where? In my heart. Where it was safely stored.  The Bible says where your heart is, there is your treasure! All those places, all those words, all those houses, all those people , all those memories, all the love – all inside of me.

My home sweet home is me. My home address is Corine Channell. I am content ( and I like to visualize myself as a log cabin ). 


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