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Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check And His Life Changes

Kindness still exist today!

Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check And His Life Changes
Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check And His Life Changes

A homeless man returned a $10,000 check he found… and his life was forever changed.

The $10,000 Check

Elmer Alvarez was on a street in New Haven, Connecticut when he found a  $10,000 check. Without a second thought, Elmer decided to contact the owner of the check to return it to her. He did realize then that this act of kindness would change his life forever.

“Honestly, I give it from the bottom of my heart and I expect nothing back in return,” Elmer said in an interview.

Roberta Hoskie a real estate agent, had no idea that her check was missing until Elmer contacted her. Touched by the honestly of Elmer, Roberta rewarded the man with a small amount. But upon hearing Elmer’s story she realized they had something in common.

Blessing to others

Roberta was once a homeless single teen mom, who more than understands the hardships of Elmer’s life. The now successful real estate agent decided to help lift up her fellow man. She set him up with housing, a job interview, and free real estate classes. All of this came with one condition… That Elmer would one day help another homeless individual when he was back on his feet.

“I’ve always prayed, ‘God if you bless me, bless me so that I could be a blessing to others,’” Roberta said in an interview.

And God answered this prayer. Through the kindness of others, Roberta found her feet and was given the opportunity to make a better life for herself and her child. Today, she is paying it forward.

“You don’t have to worry about being in the cold, we have housing for you,” Roberta said to an emotional Elmer.

God truly hears our prayers and honors them! Continue being a blessing to others!

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Reference: NBC News


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