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Homeschooling: An Accelerated Christian Education Program

Assisting pastors and parents with individualized, Biblically-based education for children.

Homeschooling: An Accelerated Christian Education Program
Homeschooling: An Accelerated Christian Education Program

What is Accelerated Christian Education?

Accelerated Christian Education began in Garland, Texas in 1970. It was founded by Donald and Esther Howard. The couple felt led by God to assist pastors, parents with individualized Biblically-based education for children. They began taking textbooks and breaking them down into individual programs called PACEs. These packets are filled with self-instructional activities to help stir the desire to learn and give educators greater success with teaching children outside of the normal classroom setting.

How P.A.C.E. Is Benefiting Education?

PACE stands for Packet of Accelerated Christian Education. They are smaller portions of a textbook to help teachers teach, and students learn. Each packet is similar to a chapter or unit of a conventional textbook. This breakdown allows students to work at their own pace and based on their learning ability. So, instead of a typical school grade level, students of the ACE program work on various levels. Once a student masters one level, they can move onto the next. It is not uncommon for a student to have a level 5 Science, level 4 Math, and a level 5 English.

How Can a Packet of Accelerated Christian Education Help My Family?

There is another name for Accelerated Christian Education programs; homeschooling. While homeschooling is the method, ACE is the curriculum that homeschooling is based on. To understand the benefits, let’s first explore how it works.

How PACE Works

    • How to Begin – Each PACE has goals, a Bible verse, and a character trait to learn. The expectations are laid out, and the child takes on the responsibility of achieving their outline of goals.
    • How to Monitor – Each PACE has check-ups and quizzes to test the mastery of a unit. These check-ups reveal where a child is lacking and allows the child to review the trouble areas.
    • How to Move On – Once the PACE is near completion, the student takes a Self-Test, this allows them to evaluate themselves before the instructor gives the Final Test.

What PACE Covers

    • The Curriculum – All the major subjects a child learns in a brick and mortar school a home teacher can teach through the Accelerated Christian Education Program. There are eight core subjects: Math, English, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science, Word Building, and Bible Reading. Each of these breaks down into 12 PACEs.
    • Other Skills Taught – In addition to the core curriculum, there are Multimedia software suites where students can learn to type, improve reading and math skills, and improve grammar skills.
    • Extra-Curricular Activities – Just as a standard school has elective courses, ACE has a wide variety of courses to enhance a child’s learning ability as they grow into the program. Classes in Business, Fine Arts, and Foreign languages are all available.

What are the Benefits of PACE?

    • First, you have options. It places you in the driver seat of your child’s education. You get to see firsthand how they react to educational situations and learn about their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Your child does not get lost in the shuffle of the other twenty students in the classroom. It’s about the one-on-one attention your child receives.
    • Second, your child can work at their own pace. Every child learns at a different level. When you multiply this by twenty, then you can begin to understand why teachers have such a difficult job. Different mannerisms, different attention spans, and different disabilities prevent children from all learning at the same pace. ACE Curriculum works with each child, giving them a greater chance of success.
    • Finally, with the program being Christian based, there is a core subject of Bible Study. You will not find that at your local public education facility. In fact, the entire ACE program teaches Christ at the center of the learning process.

The Final Word

Homeschooling is not for everyone. Some are highly successful in the public educational system. But it is good to know you have options when it comes to your child’s future. This is especially important for children with special needs. They can get behind so quickly in the hustle and bustle of a school. And unfortunately, schools often overlook, forger, or fail to realize learning issues until it is too late. Accelerated Christian Education is the answer when you have these concerns for your child.

Lighthouse Christian Academy is the official learning provider for ACE programs. With LCA, you are not on your own. There is a team of academic advisors that are there to help you implement a homeschooling program. They are fully accredited. This means as your child completes the curriculum, they receive official certificates and diplomas. In addition to LCA, Accelerated Christian Education Ministries has independent schooling options. Contact them for details.


Jeff S Bray wrote this article.

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