Honoring The Life Of Steve Beik | God TV

Honoring The Life Of Steve Beik

Steve was an extraordinary figure at GOD TV!

Honoring The Life Of Steve Beik
Honoring The Life Of Steve Beik

Last week it was announced that Steve Beik, former GOD TV Chief of Staff, legal counsel and US & UK board member had passed away. He was 74 years old.

Steve was an extraordinary figure at GOD TV… quiet and reserved, yet passionate about the Gospel and passionate to see the Lord use media to reach the lost.

But for Steve, proclaiming the Gospel through media was no abstract concept…he himself had given his life to the Lord while watching Christian TV late one night (“back in the early days”) and from that moment on, he was a strong advocate of the power of Christian media to reach and impact nations.

In the many years that followed, he never lost his sense of wonder at the way Jesus could touch and transform a life. He was always grateful that Jesus saved his soul.

But for all his gentle manner, his kindness and his wonderful sense of fun…as a lawyer, chief-of-staff and especially on the golf course, you always wanted Steve on your side!

Celebrating Steve

Steve BeikSo many of us have wonderful stories about Steve and his impact on our lives. Many favourite memories of Steve are connected to the crazy amount of travel done in the early days of GOD TV. Stuck in airports, taxis, hotel meeting rooms…and best-of-all, in restaurants eating food we didn’t quite recognise, Steve ALWAYS kept his sense of humour and his focus on serving the vision of GOD TV taking the Gospel to “the ends of the world through media”.

In addition to serving at GOD TV for many years, Steve and his wife Missy were members of Orlando Christian Center with Pastor Benny Hinn and served on the board of SuperChannel 55. He also served Missy when she founded her own ministry, Eagle’s Nest some years ago.

Steve travelled the world on behalf of GOD TV and had a special love for the Holy Land. Steve was a wonderful colleague, and a trusted friend to many.

Although his time on earth is through, we will be reunited with Him in glory one day – this is our blessed assurance!

Steve Beik: husband, father, grandfather, child of The King and destined for Glory. A gentle giant among us all.


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