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How A Convicted Murderer Finds Eternal Life On Death Row

Redemption is ours through Christ - no matter what your past looks like!

How A Convicted Murderer Finds Eternal Life On Death Row
How A Convicted Murderer Finds Eternal Life On Death Row

Pamela Perillo is a child of God who has experienced redemption in such a fantastic way. She was a convicted murderer, but she encountered God’s eternal love. Jesus redeemed Pamela, and she is now enjoying the grace and mercy that God poured out in her life.

Pamela grew up in a family where religion was absent. Her father worked on an assembly line, and her mother worked as a waitress. Her mother had a fiery temper and would physically hurt them. When she was nine, her mother unexpectedly died.

As child, her father molested her. She felt isolated and unloved by her family which led her to run away from home when she was 10.

“For three years, my life was a vicious recurring cycle: running away from foster homes, being picked up like a stray dog, and being sent back to juvenile hall. All told, I stayed in eight foster homes. Some were nice, but you weren’t allowed to stay in those you liked because you might become too attached,” Pamela shared in Christianity Today.

When she was in a juvenile home, Pamela began trying drugs. She became a member of a gang where she felt accepted. At age 13, she got married to a man named Sammy Perillo. She got pregnant with a baby girl who died as an infant. After her husband went to prison, Pamela delivered twins, but only one survived.

In order to support her son, Pamela tried to do whatever she could to make money, she even went as far as murdering a person.

“…when I realized I could no longer withstand the emotional upheaval within, that little glow from a divine coal that was waiting to burst into flames. I confessed to the police, and they extradited me to Texas, where I had been indicted in absentia for capital murder. A swift trial followed, then a verdict of death by lethal injection,” Pamela recalled.

While Pamela was in prison, God did something that changed her life. A woman who was involved in prison ministry shared the Good News with her. She recited the sinner’s prayer, and that’s when God started to mold Pamela according to His purpose.

Even though she was fully aware of the Good News, Pamela still went through a process of healing with her new found salvation.

“When I first accepted Jesus, I felt a change, but I found it hard to believe the change was for real. How could God ever forgive me for the horrible crime I had committed? My mind said this could not be so. My soul was in torment,” Pamela said.

Pamela was transferred to a prison in Huntsville, Texas and there she met another servant of God who told her to forgive herself and receive God’s grace and mercy.

She also learned more of God’s salvation through the life of Karla Faye Tucker whose story of redemption was remarkable and dramatic. Because of her life, Pamela realized that in Christ, God could forgive anyone, no matter how severe their transgressions.

“Prison without Christ is probably as close to Hell as one can come. You are alone, spiritually empty, and consumed with hate. But we Christians have a joy that provokes others to ask why”, Pamela shared.

By God’s grace, Pamela’s sentenced was reduced from death to life in prison.

She felt so grateful for what God did in her life even though she made terrible choices in her past. She is eternally grateful for the promise of eternal life that she received from our Savior, Jesus Christ.

If God was able to redeem the life of Pamela, then He can do it in your life as well. God can do impossible things if you will only believe in Him. He can transform your life if you will allow His love to enter in your heart.

Credits: Christianity Today

This article was compiled by Kriza Jo L. Tanduyan.

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