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How Christian Schools International Is Impacting Today’s Christian Education

Helping advance the Kingdom by supporting Christian education.

How Christian Schools International Is Impacting Today’s Christian Education
How Christian Schools International Is Impacting Today’s Christian Education

A Christian school, whether Kindergarten or High School, needs to have a guiding principle behind it. There are beliefs, but schools cannot function on belief alone. They need organizations like Christian Schools International to come alongside them and support them through school accreditation, training effective teaching staff and supporting their benefit needs, and providing a solid Christ-based curriculum that will impact the students that learn under it.

What is Christian Schools International?

Christian Schools International is an organization that helps Christian schools with teaching curriculum, accreditation, leadership training, and benefits like health and retirement plans for staff. They believe in giving a student a solid Christian-based education centered on three statements of faith.

    • Sources of Truth – All curriculum should point to God. A source of truth that leads to wisdom and response to God’s call. The Lord should saturate every subject and initiative.
    • Freedom to Grow – God gives each person a gift of curiosity. A student should use it to research every aspect of a relationship with Christ. It is His desire for us to seek knowledge about Him and grow into the individual He has planned for each of us.
    • Living our Faith – The world is growing to undermine God, but we are to overcome through living out our faith. Not blindly, but with recognizing the truth and spreading that to others in love, while promoting justice, and with mercy.

How Do They Help Christian Education?

Christian Schools International stands beside its member schools. Its foremost focus is to interject God into every aspect of what they provide.

    • Curriculum – To be an effective and engaging teacher, you need course material that works well with the students. It needs to be flexible, thoughtful, and maintain a Christian worldview. Christian Schools International equips teachers for success with a comprehensive curriculum, guides, and digital options to teach kids about the Bible; all with a strong faith foundation with high-quality content that is adaptable to a teacher’s classroom needs.
    • Teacher Training – While the curriculum is a big part of student success, one cannot process that information without a high-quality teacher behind the book. And teachers with a passion for their profession are hired by educational staff that is involved in developing students and preparing them for the future that awaits them. This involves quality training and is accomplished through programs targeted at each level of school administration. Teachers, principals, board members, and CEOs all have a program to help them be a better educator.
    • Accreditation – The seal of approval that a school is functioning at a high level and maintaining exemplary standards is accreditation. CSI partners with member schools and assists them with recognition or helps them to achieve the standards set by accreditation entities.

The Final Word

Christian Schools International exists to help schools thrive. They were the first international organization that served Christian schools. For almost 100 years they have expanded programs through listening to their members, discerning the need, and doing what needs to be done to support the work schools do.

CSI helps strengthen the Christian schooling system through a firm foundation in God’s word. The hold to the Reformed church belief that faith and learning are inseparable; that every aspect of life should give glory to God. Just as it is our job to continue learning about God through His word, CSI is helping the cause through a faith-based curriculum. CSI gives you yet another reason to see what a private Christian school has to offer a student.

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