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How Do I Find The Christian Colleges Near Me?

You will be surprised at the options that are out there for your college education.

How Do I Find The Christian Colleges Near Me?
How Do I Find The Christian Colleges Near Me?

God has a plan for each of us. This included the education you will receive after High School. Out there is the perfect college for you. With prayer, guidance, and determination, you will find the right list of Christian colleges near me. Remember that this is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It is not to be taken lightly. Before you begin to throw darts or blindly make a choice, it is important to seek godly counsel. A mentor can provide perspective and help you find the school you will proudly wear colors for.

What to Know about Christian Colleges Near Me

The big three questions you want to ask yourself before selecting Christian colleges near me are:

    • Will the school line up with my calling? – A college can be the best college in the US. It can be the college Billy Graham attended, but if it does not benefit your calling, then it is the wrong college. This also applies to a paternal line. Just because your dad and his dad, went to XYZ college, does not mean you have to go there. The only family tradition you need to follow is where the Father guides you, which may be Christian colleges near me.
    • How much will attending college cost? – We have heard that where God guides, His hand provides. So, while the price tag needs to be a consideration, there should be little worry if the Christian college you select seems to be beyond your means. You must also understand that affording college could mean hard work. I had to hold two jobs when I attended college to pay the bills, but it was all part of God’s master plan. Just because it is not handed to you does not mean it is not God’s will. His will can carry a bit of self-sacrifice.
    • Where is it located? – This is more of a commute or live on campus type of thing. Does your calling take you to another state? Will it allow you to live locally still? Do you have to move out of your parent’s house? Remember, Abraham was called to a distant land, Moses spent time in the wilderness to prepare, even Jesus left home to enter his ministry. But all of them had to go through the preparation for the ministry. Whether it is near, or far off, as long as it lines up with the first question of your calling.

Who to Ask about Christian Colleges Near Me?

Just as with any college enthusiast, you will come across the different schools and the alumni all touting the praises of XYZ college; of course, theirs is the best. So be prepared for it. A person’s Alma Mater is as important to them as their favorite sports team or their first automobile. So be selective in who you chose to get advice from when learning about Christian colleges near me.

    • Your church – This is a great place to start. Many church denominations have school ties, especially graduate schools, like seminaries. You may even qualify for certain scholarships available to members of churches within the denomination. You can also get ideas from the clergy who minister at your church. Pastors, Deacons, even members of the congregation can give you advice on different colleges. Again, be wary, even a pastor can have pride when it comes to his Alma Mater.
    • Guidance counselor – You should already know who this person is. If you have thought about college for any amount of time, your guidance counselor is the one who has helped you select the preparation courses for the last couple of years to line up with your career plan. They too have lists and knowing what your plans for the future are, can help you make an educated choice.
    • Internet research for “Christian colleges near me” – While it won’t give you practical advice, a thorough internet search can give you ratings, background information, and particulars about Christian colleges near me. The more information you have, the better off you will be. Request info packets to be mailed to you, call the location and ask questions, and check review sites that grade colleges.

The Final Word

Having a pretty good grasp on where God is taking you will help your Christian colleges near me selection much easier. Yes, it is understood that some High School Seniors will walk the stage and still be clueless about what they want out of life. But when you have a centered calling, then you will have a better idea than someone flying by the seat of their pants.

God has a calling on your life. And obedience is the key to getting off on the right foot toward the destiny he has set out for you. Choices about what college to go to are just the beginning. While having complete trust in God’s guidance doesn’t make future decisions any easier, it will give you the firm foundation on which to stand when life gets complicated. You will have the evidence that God has provided before, and the assurance He will be there for your future.



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