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How Do You Guard Your Heart?

How Do You Guard Your Heart?
How Do You Guard Your Heart?

Are your heart and mind confused lately? Then this word is for you. Learn to receive God’s peace in your life and let it guard your heart and mind no matter what happens.

Guard Your Heart

In another episode of GOD TV’s “It’s All Greek To Me,” host Pastor Chris Demterious expounds the Greek word “froorehsi,” or translated as “to guard.”

Philippines 4:7 in the Bible mentions the word guard. It said, “…and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard (froorehsi) your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Times and Seasons

According to what Chris shared, “guard” is a word borrowed from a military term.

“It represents a garrison of soldier that are put in a specific place to make sure that there’s no invasion or threat,” he said.

Receive God’s Peace

More so, it is also a word very familiar to the Philippians in their time because they lived in such a kind of environment. Roman guards were placed everywhere to protect the city from possible invasions. With that said, it also works the same with the peace God is giving us.

Guard your heart
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“The peace of God that surpasses all understanding will protect us, will guard us from any invasion into our lives that would be negative,” he stressed. “And that is what God wants to do with us.”

Pastor Chris’s message points out that God desires always to fill us with His peace. Because God wants to make sure that no invasion or threat from outward forces could cause our hearts to stumble. That is why He always offers us the peace that only comes from Him.

“This peace He has given us for that purpose, and it guards us,” he said. “We can’t understand it. We don’t have to understand it. But we got to understand that it does guard us. It guards our hearts and our minds from any of those things that are trying to invade, trying to attack us.”

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