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How Do You Know If You Have A Seer Or Feeler Gifting?

Hint: Many People Do Without Realizing It!

How Do You Know If You Have A Seer Or Feeler Gifting?
How Do You Know If You Have A Seer Or Feeler Gifting?

So many people are simply enduring their spiritual gifts instead of walking in power. Often, people don’t realize they are seers. You picture a seer as someone seeing angels with the naked eye, but so often people see things with their spiritual eyes and don’t even realize it!

How To Know If You’re A Seer

Most people don’t cultivate the seer gift because it gets overlooked. How many times have you been in the mall and someone walks by you, and you have a strong sense they’re angry at home? Maybe it seems like they have a pornography addiction?

Most of the time when someone senses something like this, the enemy tells them they’re judgemental and critical to try to shut down their gift.

In my experience, most prophetic people sense and see in the spirit realm by seeing the negative first. God loves to cultivate seeing things from His perspective! Seeing with His understanding, love, truth, and compassion. It’s an opportunity to partner with God to see people from His perspective despite their struggles.

How To Grow Your Seer Gifting

When God shows you something, that means you have the ability to bring freedom to that person.

In the beginning, when I realized I got these downloads and the things I sensed and knew my whole life actually meant something, I would sit, watch, and ask, “Holy Spirit, why are you showing me this?” And He would tell me.

And then I would ask, “Is it attached to sin or on assignment?” If it’s on assignment, you don’t even have to go over to the person! You can just pray it off.

If it’s attached to sin, it doesn’t mean that person is in sin, it could be something that happened to them, a stronghold, or generational, but it usually means there’s some level of inner healing that needs to take place.

You can practice discernment! Ask the Holy Spirit why He’s showing you these things. Ask, “Is it mine or is it not mine?” If it’s yours, you’ll find the Holy Spirit has gone before you and prepared the way for them to receive freedom!

What To Do If You’re A Feeler

So many people don’t recognize they’re feelers, either! Have you ever walked into a store and just felt icky and oppressed? Whatever sphere you’re feeling is the one you’ve been giving authority over!

I want to challenge you feelers to pray this prayer today. There is so much more to it than just saying the right words, you have to know what you’re tapping into:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I break partnership with the atmosphere. I ask that whatever belongs to the atmosphere goes back to it, and what belongs to me returns to me completely cleansed by You, Holy Spirit. Jesus, I choose to be aware of You and only You in my atmosphere.”

You Can Practice!

As you practice and grow, you’ll start to notice more about God’s kingdom around you rather than the dark things around you. When you are aware of God’s presence and His thoughts toward you, you fear absolutely nothing!

Another huge piece I talk more about in my podcast is the importance of being able to receive God’s love. This is huge! We can’t earn his love. I recommend taking some soaking time and listening to this word from Graham Cooke.

It really can be that simple! The key is allowing God to come in, love you, and fill you up. Choose in a moment to consciously believe that you’re powerful and He loves you. He’s not mad at you. You don’t have to work harder to be sin-free and perfect to be filled with His presence. What would it look like for you to invite God in, even in your darkness? Believing that He will take your hand and walk you out of it?

Breakthrough Prayer

I want to challenge you to pray this prayer that’s so key for stopping the torment and stepping into the fruitfulness of your gifting:

“I repent for any and all authority or partnerships I’ve made with the enemy. I ask that You would come and close every door that is not of You that has had access to my giftings. I ask that You would completely cleanse my spiritual giftings and realign it with heaven, that I would only see and feel and understand what You want me to. In the name of Jesus Christ.”

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