Discover How 4 Videos Brought Over 600,000 People To Christ! | God TV

Discover How 4 Videos Brought Over 600,000 People To Christ!

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Discover How 4 Videos Brought Over 600,000 People To Christ!
Discover How 4 Videos Brought Over 600,000 People To Christ!

One of the great ironies of life is that we coexist with both a deep desire to do something extraordinary with our lives while feeling under-qualified to do exceptional things. While the flames of passion roar within to make a lasting footprint, many outwardly struggle to understand their role, puzzled by what greatness could even look like for them? I am no stranger to this experience. Miracles? Who me?!

Like I said, it is quite common to feel inadequate for the extraordinary things God wants to accomplish through us. The struggle is real, but God’s plan for our lives is never mediocre. Significant risk is required to do significant things for God. Right now, there is an unprecedented window of opportunity open for those who feel under-qualified to do extraordinary things for God.

Finding Destiny And Seeing Miracles

I would have never thought it possible in my own life, but in the last few months, I’ve seen 150,000 Muslims surrender their lives to Christ during Ramadan…in the middle of Pakistan…in one single night! Additionally, I have witnessed healing miracles of all sorts. Cancer, deafness, blindness, and tumors have instantaneously disappeared at the mighty name of Jesus. 

Today’s technology has unlocked a treasure chest full of opportunities for exponential influence and impact; it provided me with an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people without obtaining a visa or demanding that I leave my own country. I didn’t even leave my own city to see most of these amazing results. You and I live in the greatest era of opportunity that mankind has ever known. My destiny is bound to the generation in which I live, and so is yours.

How far could technology take you toward your God-given destiny if you leveraged it properly? Today’s technology has enabled our ministry to witness over 450,000 decisions for Christ in just ten months. What is even more incredible is that I believe that other churches and individuals can repeat what we have accomplished and surpass it. When we embraced the tools available to us today, it took us to places we never thought we would go. Are you ready to fulfill your destiny? 

Technology Is Paving The Way For Miracles

The unreached nations in the 10/40 window of the earth are no longer waiting on God – they are waiting on us!

What would you say if I told you that in one week, I preached to three continents, six nations, and won 100,000 people to the Lord? And what if I told you that right after that I drove to my hometown Starbucks and had my favorite cup of coffee? I didn’t have to buy an airplane ticket, passport or get a visa for those crusades. I just used my computer.

Technology is causing the momentum of revival to build… 

  • 2019 3-Night Video Crusade – 311,987 people came to Christ in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • March 2019 1-Night Video Crusade – 81,554 people confessed Jesus as Lord!
  • April 2019 – 77,184 new Christ-followers.  As a result, 21,536 cell groups and 7,000 home churches 
  • May 2019 1-Night Video Crusade – 153,249 people in Pakistan gave their lives to Jesus

That’s a total of 623,974 new believers from four video crusades!!!

Gaining Perspective

Let’s put this in perspective. When Peter stood up and preached on the Day of Pentecost, three thousand people were added to their number. The largest crowd that Jesus spoke to was, “about five thousand men, besides women and children” (Matthew 14:21 ESV). According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoication, the largest number of salvations recorded on a single crusade night was 75,000 people. In a five-year period, during the Brownsville Revival it was reported that “200,000 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.” But this year, in just three nights, 311,987 people came to Jesus! This was in just one of the nations where He is moving! An end-time harvest is being gathered right now and it is happening in a surprisingly new way.

God is working through modern technology in an unprecedented manner! These type of outcomes were entirely impossible in an earlier era. Today’s technology has opened doors that have been held shut for generations. Those coming to Christ were all in the 10/40 window. It was their first time hearing the Gospel. The tools we now have in a new generation made all of this possible. We’re working outside of the box and doing something that has never been done before!


Greatness is not found in the middle of a curve on a graph. It is an extreme, located far from the safe and the mediocre. Greatness requires an abandonment of the predictable and the easy. The crowd of naysayers must be left behind for the lonely path that only a few will follow, and that makes all the difference.

Recently, I traveled to Pakistan to preach to 200,000 people in a Muslim city. I didn’t go there because video crusades aren’t effective. I traveled there because the Church in the West is full of skepticism. As the Church in America declines, it becomes easy to doubt the reports of the enormous numbers of people coming to Christ overseas. In our part of the world, we have seen so little of His miraculous power that it is difficult to believe the testimonies of the notable healing miracles happening in other places. So, I traveled there, putting my life at risk, to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to verify the numbers of people coming to Christ and to witness the healing miracles for myself. It was important to be able to say, I have been there and I am an eyewitness.

While there, I preached a one-night crusade, and over 153,000 Pakistani’s received Christ and astonishing miracles happened! It is truly an amazing sight to witness when an enormous crowd of that size stands on their feet to accept Christ! I am an eyewitness that this harvest is real and I’d like to invite you to join me!

Watch what God is doing in this short video below…

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– Pastor Craig, Wifi Jesus
Miracles with Pastor Craig

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