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How God Is Like A Carseat

How God Is Like A Carseat
How God Is Like A Carseat

Lately I’ve been meditating on the scripture Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You”. We were actually singing a song about this in the car, so I was asking God to show me a way to convey this verse to my children.

Whenever we drive to school, there are these two huge dips in the road that we go really fast over for fun. You know, those dips where everyone’s stomachs drop?

This particular day, on our commute, right as we were about to hit those dips, I yelled out, “Here we go, hold on tight!” then immediately I said, “Never-mind, don’t hold on, your car seat will hold you in!”

Then it hit me, and I got to explain the above verse to my kids. The peace of God is so much like a car seat, and our mindsets are like buckling up. When our minds are set on Him, the “car seat” – peace, keeps us safe. He keeps us in perfect peace as our minds are stayed on Him. He keeps us in peace.

He makes it so we’re unable to escape it.

Late that day, I saw a sign that said, “Never give up until they buckle up”. It was a sign to help communicate to parents the importance of only driving when our children are firmly buckled.

To me, it said something more. It said, “Don’t give up teaching your kids how to set their minds on Him until they’re completely locked into His perfect peace”.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about helping our children with their mindsets, and it won’t be my last. If you want to read more about mindsets with our kids, you can read another post here.

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