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How To Deal With Insecurity And Feelings Of Rejection

How To Deal With Insecurity And Feelings Of Rejection
How To Deal With Insecurity And Feelings Of Rejection

At some point in our lives, we all have faced rejection. Perhaps it may be one of the most painful memories of your childhood. In this episode of True Vine Stories, Rev. Betty King shares practical ways to deal with insecurity and overcome rejection.

True Vine Stories

True Vine Stories starts with a scenario of two women welcoming members as they enter the church. One lady shared her heart saying she felt rejected by one church member because she ignored her on several occasions. She also blamed her for causing her a lot of stress, anxiety, and feeling alone. The woman listening insisted it was just her thoughts. But the woman was sure how she felt was the truth.

Rev. Betty King explains, “insecurity and rejection not dealt with can find its way to a place and pollute the whole waters.”

Insecurity And Feelings Of Rejection

Further, she explained that God always leads us to a place where He confronts us with our issues.  God does that because He loves us. She also shared about how people go into a defense mode if they’re not willing to address specific issues in their lives.

“But if you want to change, you’ll see that that place is a safe place for you to really begin to address those issues,” she remarked.

Insecurities that aren’t dealt with also expose themselves when you are given favor and end up polluting the whole environment.

Rev. King went on to share how God wants us to bring to places “to be free from these toxic emotions that have hindered us.” If we don’t deal with these issues, we won’t be able to bear fruit no matter where God takes us.

She then turned to the Scripture and shared Saul’s example of an insecure leader. Saul wanted to kill David.

Watch as she finishes the video with a prayer to overcome insecurity and feelings of rejection.

Be blessed and be free!

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