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How To Deal With Overthinking

How To Deal With Overthinking
How To Deal With Overthinking

Overthinking is an issue most women struggle with. They often need assurance before a thought or two would disappear from their minds. That’s why, relentless woman, you should learn to trust God all the more.

Overcoming Overthinking

There is no other way to overcome overthinking but to trust God. You can start it from a place of security where you know you are deeply loved regardless of what other people think about you because overthinking is usually a result of insecurity, identity issue, or fear of being not enough. The thing is, if we live by the praises or criticisms of men, it would be hard to overcome this struggle. Thus, one should learn to fix her eyes on Jesus and see oneself the way God does.

Here are practical steps on how to deal with your struggle of overthinking.
  1. Acknowledge how you feel or that idea or thought that entered your mind. You can write it out in your journal or cry out to God to express yourself from the depth of your heart.
  2. Remind yourself that even if that’s what you think or how you feel about yourself, it’s not the truth.
  3. Tell yourself, “This is just my emotions lying to me.”
  4. Always remember that people’s opinions of you will never define you. Their words are just fleeting, and they are all lies.
  5. Open your Bible and read God’s Word. And fill your mind with what God says about you, that you are a New Creation.
  6. Declare to yourself your identity in Christ, that you are deeply loved, chosen, and forgiven. God loves you so much and He is in control of your life.
  7. Declare your identity in the Lord over and over again until you feel okay.

You will overcome, woman of God. Because I believe that Jesus paid it all on the Cross for you. So, stop overthinking and trust God.

“I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33

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