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How To Fight Mental Illness

Four recommendations to heal

How To Fight Mental Illness
How To Fight Mental Illness

Do not accept the things that evil sends your way. So often I hear people say things like “well, I just worry,” or “my anxiety is so overwhelming now.” Another common statement is “my depression is worse, I keep having suicidal thoughts.”  Did you know that fearful, anxiety-ridden, obsessive and suicidal thoughts come from evil forces in the unseen realm? The original entry-way is usually through traumatic childhood events which cause wounds deep inside. Generally a child only sees self to blame as darkness sends that lie in those moments. God’s sons and daughters are then held in captivity.

With my daughter’s permission, I share an example of a recent prayer time together.  She is becoming more successful at stopping self abuse but occasionally the enemy throws another round at her and she hits herself again. “I’m so sick of this, Mom! I want to stop the hitting but sometimes it happens so fast!”

We began to pray together. The particular smoke screen the enemy sends is to think about “gross things” which horrify her and make her attack herself. As I held her hand and called on Holy Spirit, I asked her what she was really afraid of. She hears God so clearly her answer was almost immediate.

“I’m afraid I’m a nobody, that I will always be ignored by others,” she said.

As this was uncovered for her I began to speak truth into that lie. I redirected her back to hear Holy Spirit. Soon a tremulous smile began to form on her lips. I am so glad she knows God! Waves of God’s truth create healing, layer by layer.

Four Recommendations To Fight Mental Illness

  1. Sometimes the attack on the mind is so great that a psychiatric evaluation is necessary. This is absolutely fine. Medications have often enabled people to do the necessary work in therapy.
  2. Do not take ownership of mental illness. Though you feel distressing emotions, begin to say “I am FIGHTING OCD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.”
  3. Depending on the extent of your distress, find a friend or counselor who can use their joy-filled neurons to reflect directly onto yours, eye to eye. This will enable you to begin to find the path back to joy in your own brain.  Connecting with someone who is glad to see you is powerful in itself.  Hearing their words of truth and affirmation is balm to your soul. (Check Dr Karl Lehman’s insights and book)
  4. Ask for and receive prayer to uncover those deeply believed lies that are wont to haunt you.  Invite Holy Spirit into these places of pain to reveal His truth to your heart. Never fear to ask your heavenly Father for more!

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