Daily devotional for women. How to find the best one!

How To Find The Best Daily Devotional For Women

Ladies let's go for spiritual growth

How To Find The Best Daily Devotional For Women
How To Find The Best Daily Devotional For Women

If you are a woman of God it’s highly likely that you’ve been searching for a good daily devotional for women. We all know it’s important to read God’s Word daily to grow spiritually and there are many different daily reading guides to choose from. Some are themed around topics like marriage, family, etc while others specifically cater for us girls!

YouVersion is an app that offers many different Bible reading plans, including a Daily Devotional For Women list that has something for everyone. From Beauty Marks to the The Deborah Anointing to  Fulfilled: Devotions For Single Women to  Chosen With Esther: 7 Days Of Purpose.  Others include: anything from Six Truths Of Motherhood to  Weight Loss, God’s Way to  Great Women Of The Bible: Devotions From Your Time Of Grace.

Best Daily Devotional For Women

So how do you chose the daily devotional for women that’s right for you? You need to decide whether you’re looking for a short plan over a few days or something longer. Look at the topics that interest you most. The more connected you feel with the topic or theme, the greater chance of completing the plan!  Perhaps the best plan for you isn’t necessarily something targeting purely for women. Perhaps a ‘Through The Bible In One Year’ plan is more in keeping with what you need as this instills daily discipline over an extended period. There are several of these available although not targeted exclusively for women.

Don’t underestimate the power of women’s programming

Many ladies have found that the best daily devotional for women is not a structured Bible plan but a commitment to watch Christian content regularly on TV. So many people have found watching GOD TV on a daily basis to be life-changing. Sheila Manohar from India encountered Jesus via the airwaves and her spiritual growth has gone from strength to strength. She now wants every heartbroken woman to watch and be transformed.

Series that can be viewed as a daily devotional for women

GOD TV airs several series featuring leading women of God like Joyce Meyer, Patricia King, Cindy Jacobs, Wendy Alec, Lila TerhuneSandra Kennedy, Billye Brim,  Plus you can watch topical shows for women for example, The Mum Show. We also broadcast many different women’s conferences like Women On The Frontlines, Designed For life and Passionate Women to name a few.

Whether you opt for a structured daily devotional for women reading plan or a more flexible viewing commitment you can be assured God will honor your commitment and you will advance in leaps and bounds in your spiritual life, bringing fruitfulness into all areas including your family and community.

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