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How To Get Rid Of Guilt And Shame

Do you have permission to let go of guilt and shame?

How To Get Rid Of Guilt And Shame
How To Get Rid Of Guilt And Shame

My ability to let go of guilt and shame was not great to say the least. After drug addiction had led me to lying and stealing from those closest to me, it was hard to let the weight of it go. My kids didn’t want to talk to me or have anything to do with me. I had burnt every bridge. I had an encounter with God that changed everything when I was in rehab.

A Crazy Vision

Now, stay with me, God showed me a crazy unique vision. I share the full vision on my podcast, but in the vision, I was in a swimming pool full of butts. Every time Jesus tried to show me His love, I would say, “Yeah, but Jesus I stole. But Jesus I lied. But Jesus I manipulated. But Jesus I’ll still struggle with this.” I had a list of things where I constantly reminded God why I’m not good enough. Jesus told me, “You’ve created yourself quite the pool of butts!”

This vision really got my attention. There’s nothing worse than standing in a swimming pool seeing all the “buts” you’re holding on to that are keeping you from the Father’s love!

Jesus gave me an invitation that I know He wants to give you as well: “Once and for all this is it. All the ‘buts’ are right here. I am standing here telling you that I love you and I want to take your guilt and shame.” He told me, “When you choose to crawl out of this pool, it’s done. You’re leaving the guilt and shame behind.”

The Invitation To Step Into Freedom

If you’re hesitating at this invitation, it’s probably because you’re thinking something similar to what I was thinking. I believed the lie that if people I hurt didn’t see me suffering, then they wouldn’t believe I was sorry for the terrible things I had done. Or your lie might be that hanging on to the guilt and shame helps you make sure you don’t mess up again.

If you’re hesitating in leaving your guilt and shame behind, pray this prayer:

Jesus, we come before you and ask for forgiveness, and we choose to receive forgiveness. Lord, we break partnership with guilt and shame, and we command it to go. And Lord we repent for all the things we have picked up the responsibility of proving we are sorry instead of trusting you. That we tried to carry all on our own. Lord, we thank you for our friends and family. If there’s people that need to be restored to us, that You would give us the strength and ability to lay those relationships at your feet and trust you to bring it around. We thank you for that Lord in Jesus’ name.

When we choose to believe in the power of the cross and forgiveness, which takes our guilt and shame, and stop trying to prove ourselves, it sets us free to press into Jesus and keep Him as our focus!

Going Deeper

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