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How to Grow in the Prophetic

A practical guide for accessing your spiritual gifts

How to Grow in the Prophetic
How to Grow in the Prophetic

Like any skill, spiritual or natural, to grow in it you must practice developing it. Michael Jordan did not become one of the best basketball players overnight. Not like I did. Just kidding! He learned and developed his skills over time. You start with where you are. Sometimes we might be in a rush to get to an end result and miss the process of learning. It is though the learning that we grow and are transformed. Growing in the prophetic is not different. One of the biggest hindrances to growing in the prophetic is to try to advance too quickly. You may be expecting yourself to receive words of knowledge, hear names and know exactly what they ate for dinner two years ago. The goal is not to try to operate like your favorite prophetic minister. You are unique. God made you special. Your personal relationship with Him is special. The goal it to be the prophetic believer that God has called you to be.

The Ways God Speaks

First, find out how you hear from God. Pay attention to how God speaks to you uniquely. The Lord speaks to His people through many different ways. Does the Lord speak to you through visions or pictures? This is when you see images in your mind’s eye. Do you get a feeling or knowing in your spirit? This is when you feel something very strongly internally, often out of nowhere. Do you hear a still small voice or an audible voice? This is when you actually hear something.   Do you get a flash of thoughts or ideas? This is God bringing things to your attention.

I can promise you that God has already spoken to you. God can speak to us any way He desires, but there is usually one primary way that He speaks to us for our own unique relationship with God. People who primarily see visions and pictures, that is usually the way God speaks to them the most. Others get a sensing in their spirit. That is how they mainly hear and receive from the Lord. It’s just a matter of recognizing and knowing that it was God and having an understanding of how you personally hear God.

Do This Exercise

Here is an exercise you can do. Ask the Lord three times a day to speak to you. Do this in the morning, do it around lunch time and do it right before bed. Once you do this, close your eyes and wait and see what comes to you. The first thing that comes to your mind is God. The second thing is most likely spiritual opposition arguing you out of what God just spoke to you. Pay attention during that waiting time and see how you are receiving from God. You will learn how to recognize the most frequent way that God is speaking to you. Once you get more comfortable with this you can increase to more than three times a day.

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This will help you discipline yourself to listen to God. The more you are seeking to hear God the more He will speak to you. It’s like the famous movie line “If you build it they will come.” If you listen constantly He will speak! Bishop Bill Hamon says God is more eager to talk to us than we are willing to listen. God wants to speak to you and through you.

Here is a point of wisdom that must be said. Make sure what you are hearing and sensing is in submission to the Word of God. If it contradicts the Bible in any way, it is not God. It is critically important to make sure what you are hearing is in submission to the Word. It is the standard by which we make sure we are hearing from God. God never contradicts Himself.

When you start hearing God speak to you, test it. If it is God it will prove itself. Don’t be afraid to step out on what you heard and test it out and see if it is God. Doing this will help grow your confidence that you are hearing from God. If you tested it and you missed it. No big deal. God is more proud of you for being willing to step out and try than to sit back and do nothing. This is how you learn and grow. Mistakes are not the enemy, but not trying and being stuck in fear of making a mistake is. This is a faith walk with the Lord, nothing is certain. I have been prophetically ministering for over 12 years now. I still have to believe and trust that God is speaking to me. My confidence is built because I have done this for so long, but it is still all by faith. We step out by faith and trust God.

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