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How To Navigate A Difficult Day

Things change, but God doesn’t

How To Navigate A Difficult Day
How To Navigate A Difficult Day

It’s easy to wake up to a peaceful day but what do you do when you have a difficult day?

Each morning we turn the coffee on, get ready, go to work, or stay home, whatever your day looks like. It can be mindless, actually. When it’s smooth, there’s a sense of peace. But, can there be the same peace on a hard day?

I knew today would be different. For the past few days, I was anticipating feeling a little uneasy this morning. I was taking my five-year-old son to the dentist to get his cavities filled. I knew he’d be ok, but it’s still hard. There would be pain and discomfort involved, and some new experiences for him that are not exactly pleasant.

I don’t like the dentist. The sounds and smells remind of not-so-fun times as a child. Now that I’m a mother, it hurts to see my child in pain.

Getting ready for the day is more than just about me. I’m preparing myself as a daughter of God, and a mother to my son. I tip-toed out of bed early, without waking my family. I made coffee and intentionally set my focus on Jesus.

“Jesus, what are You doing today? I need You to fill me with peace, surround me with Your presence, and help me to see You today.”

I turned on worship music and opened my Bible. I just needed to soak and get filled with the truth in the Word, and the fire of His presence. I read portions of scripture out loud, as declarations. Here’s an example:

“The mature children of God are those who are moved by the impulses of the Holy Spirit. And you did not receive the ‘spirit of religious duty,’ leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you have received the ‘Spirit of full acceptance,’ enfolding you into the family of God.

“And you will never feel orphaned, for as He rises up within us, our spirits join Him in saying the words of tender affection, ‘Beloved Father!’ For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as He whispers into our innermost being, ‘You are God’s beloved child!’ ” (Romans‬ ‭8:14-16‬)

A difficult day at the dentist

Fast forward to the dentist appointment… It didn’t go well. My son cried and yelled, “I’m getting my popsicle and I’m getting out of here!”

I had to make some quick decisions. I don’t speak “dentist.” I don’t know the protocol for what happens when a kid refuses to sit in the chair, and which other options of care there are. I needed help and understanding what we could do next to help my little boy.

New decisions suddenly lay in front of me… Come back in two weeks, one month, do this procedure, it’ll cost this much. Call the insurance company, make financial decisions, calm my son down, keep myself from crying so I could think straight.

In that chaotic moment, I knew God was holding onto me. I knew it. He was there in the same way He was there that morning when I was soaking. I just had to turn my attention to Him as I do on a quiet morning. Just like I do every day when things are going well. “Father, whisper to me. What do I do?” Things change, but God doesn’t.

We wrapped up at the front desk, and I made it home, and I decided it was time to rest. I let everything else go, and rested. I intentionally set my focus back on Jesus, because guess what? He has the solution to a difficult day.

He is not surprised or unaware. He knows what we should do. I made the decision to not make another big decision until the next day when I felt rested, and when I felt Him direct me.

I did something very spiritual…I made a sandwich and sat in the quiet. Any activity can be time spent with God. We sat there together. He nourished my soul as I ate a meal. It was a “selah” moment. The day wasn’t over yet, and praise God, He doesn’t grow weary.

Today, I declare over you, that you are a beloved son or daughter of God. As you turn your attention to Him, you move by the impulses of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can separate you from His love. He goes before you, never leaving you nor forsaking you. He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies. Even on a difficult day!

“For our spiritual wealth is in Him, like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered—Heaven’s wisdom and endless riches of revelation knowledge.” (Colossians‬ ‭2:3‬)

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