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How To Navigate Change

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances - Philippians 4:11

How To Navigate Change
How To Navigate Change

Change is something that happens to everyone. We all go through change in our lives, so much so, that is is almost ongoing.

During the last four years of my life I have encountered more change than most. At times it was overwhelming almost to the point of taking over. But, thankfully, I put my eyes on God and trusted one of His most steadfast promises, that He is always there AND He takes care of us. God’s promise prevented the change from taking control of me,

Change is a necessary ingredient in life. It’s an ingredient that prevents us from becoming complacent. Being comfortable is okay as long as you don’t give it control. Always be ready to move and do something new or go to a new place…

Don’t turn away from change

I am more okay with change than I used to be. That’s good. It means I am allowing God to move me where He wants me to go. It also means I am trusting Him. With that comes a wider scope. Sometimes it is hard to see past that mountain of change which is covered in newness. I am learning that taking the risk can be fortuity for getting to a place that is even better than where I was.

It can usher in opportunities, blessings, and ultimately the abundance of life Jesus promises us. So don’t turn away from change, no matter how scary it might seem. No, go towards it and embrace it. Then, watch God use that change to bring you to the life you were meant for!

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