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How to Overcome an Addiction

What is addiction and how can you overcome it?

How to Overcome an Addiction
How to Overcome an Addiction

I’m addicted. How can I stop?

Addiction comes in all forms. There can be good or bad addictions, the term though, relates commonly to harmful habits. Generally, society thinks of addiction in a negative light because it’s so closely associated to drugs and alcohol. We commonly hear people make comments along these lines, “He’s addicted to drugs,” or “He’s addicted to alcohol and can’t keep a job.” These are just a couple of examples.

Merriam-Webster defines addiction:

1) a strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble)

2) an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gives some practical wisdom.

“And if your right-hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.” (Matthew 5:30 NKJV)

When addictions seem to grab hold of us in harmful ways the best thing to do is cut it out. For example, if the doctor indicates there’s too much sugar in a patient’s diet, they need to consume less sugar. The patient needs to take inventory of his lifestyle.

If the refrigerator and pantry are filled with all kinds of sugar, corn syrup, etc., it’s time to figure out what to give or throw away. Next time they go grocery shopping it’s time to determine what foods will enhance their health and promote lower blood sugar levels. Simply not bringing sugar into the home is more than half the battle because they cut the problem off at the root. Discover what the root of the addiction is and then remove that.

What’s the entry point from which the addiction is accessing your life? What actions are leading factors to entry, causing you to stumble?

Once the Lord reveals where the entry point is, bolt the door shut and throw away the key.

Addictions come in all forms with varying degrees of strength or influence in our lives. Sharing the struggle with trusted friends and family members, asking them for accountability is important. The human tendency to hide in shame or condemnation over an addiction is real. However, it’s when we confess our issues to one another that we can gain strength to overcome.

No matter how strong the addiction, the cross of Calvary is greater and the blood shed by Jesus Christ is greater. What might the Holy Spirit highlight to each of us today as something that’s gaining too much of a stronghold in our lives? How might we need to take steps to cut off its access to our lives? Who could help us in the process to get freedom from this addiction?

Let’s pray right now:

Jesus, thank You for paying the price on the cross defeating sin and death once and for all. Expose and shed light on any addictions negatively influencing my life. I ask for divine deliverance from this issue. Grant me the ability to overcome from this point forward by Your Holy Spirit. In Your name I pray. Amen.

This post was written by Joshua Paul, a staff writer for GOD TV.

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