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How To Thoroughly Repent From Sin Strongholds

The anatomy of sin strongholds revealed

How To Thoroughly Repent From Sin Strongholds
How To Thoroughly Repent From Sin Strongholds

Many people before me have written books on how to repent from addictions and sin strongholds. Those books that remain loyal to Jesus and the Christian Scriptures are usually more successful approaches.

Indeed, for those who come to know God personally through the person of Jesus, repenting from sin is an integral part of their walk with Christ.

We’ve all taken a stab at repentance, but many of us are still stuck in old habits and thought patterns that mar our testimony and trigger unhealthy relating, on our part, with other people.

Initially, I thought repentance occurred when I was convinced that I had done something wrong in my life, and that simply saying “No!” to the sin and moving on was the way to deal with it. If this didn’t work, then I’d search for truth that would somehow set me free.

Coming to such truths is not as easy as it might seem – most of the time.

Be free from sin and strongholds

Most people see addictions or compulsions as involving food, drink, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, spending, and sex. But addictions can be more hidden.

We can compulsively fall into unwanted ruts in our thinking in certain contexts, and we can spend the rest of our lives struggling with unloving thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that are ugly and end up hurting those around us.

Because such attitudes, behaviours, speech, and actions are toxic. It is the thought-patterns that are responsible for many of our addictions – visible and invisible, alike.

I don’t know about you, but the sin structure within me felt like a tree with a complex root and branch system, that intimidated, confused me, and defeated me daily.

I was steeped in self-pity and anger as a result. Additionally, people did not want to be around me because of it.

Pictorially we can imagine such trees to look something like:

Such growths can seem overwhelming! It becomes tangled and messy. No wonder these thought-patterns inspire self-pity, negativity, and angry pressure within us.

Let me introduce to you a tree diagram that for me simplifies the
tree-structure within that has the added benefit of being diagnostic in nature. And so can go a long way to help bring healing and cleansing of powerful sin Strongholds within us if we know-how:

My book called, “Dismantling the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Within So Love Can Thrive” gives a foundation for why the sin-structure can look like this. It offers a strategy for how to dismantle the sin-structure and find healing and freedom from stagnancy, addictions, compulsions, legalism, rebellion, and sin. And moves us to practice the Golden Rule instead. The principles that work for me might work for you too depending on the different contexts of one’s life.

This book is a record of my struggles to identify my sin structures and move me into freedom and love toward others.

May God grant you His mercy, grace and blessing.

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