Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Why is Nature Going Crazy? | GOD TV

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Why is Nature Going Crazy?

Miami pastor offers hope in the face of devastation

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Why is Nature Going Crazy?
Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Why is Nature Going Crazy?

Why is Nature Going Crazy?

As hHurricanes and earthquakes are leaving a trail of devastation across the Caribbean and Mexico, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado says hurricanes and earthquakes are not from God and prays for viewers to have God’s peace in the middle of the chaos.

Apostle Maldonado heads up El Rey Jesús (King Jesus Ministry), in Miami, a city bracing itself for the worst of hurricanes. He has been in the pathway of many major storms and offers advice to all those who may be affected, whether they have to evacuate their homes or sit out the hurricane. Watch this five-minute video and hear why nature is going crazy and what believers can do about it.

While the video focuses on Hurricane Irma, it also gives insight into natural disasters like the earthquake that has just hit Mexico. As a largely Hispanic ministry, El Rey Jesús feels the anguish of the Latino community in Mexico as well as throughout the Caribbean.

Let’s do what we can in the natural and God will do the supernatural.

 “Let’s do what we can in the natural and God will do the supernatural,” Apostle Maldonado says concerning Irma, encouraging those affected to do their best to protect their property while cooperating with local authorities. He also urges believers everywhere to intercede for those in the hurricane’s path as he has often seen such storms disintegrate or averted through the power of prayer.

The GOD TV team prayed for all affected by Hurricane Irma in its Call For Prayer broadcast, and we continue to pray for those affected by the continuing natural disasters around the world. Our hearts go out to all who have lost loved ones, in the Caribbean and Mexico. We intercede for all who are displaced and will need to rebuild their homes and communities. We pray that everyone affected will know the comfort of the Holy Spirit at this time.

For more encouragement from Apostle Maldonado watch his regular series on The Supernatural Now on GOD TV.


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