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I Am A Spirit Man In An Earthly Suit

Operating in the Spirit

I Am A Spirit Man In An Earthly Suit
I Am A Spirit Man In An Earthly Suit

Fixated on the external

Most of us are conscious of the earthly suits that we glamorize daily as we look in the mirror. We spend a lot of money and time shaping it up to look good. And we are conscious of our weight and looks, and plastic surgery. We allow all these factors to define our looks. What we see sometimes is not the real person but a made-up version of sorts. The real person is behind the covering of clothes and makeup. The outward man deceives us from getting in touch with the real me. In the world the external impression is important. Yet we know that this will not last. One day we will all grow old and ugly. We try and delay this fact through many ways till tragedy strikes and we have to accept the fact we are old. Yet still, some of us are aware of the spirit man within us.

Awareness of the psychological

Our Creator created us all with a spirit, soul, and body. We neglect the soul and spirit by spending too much time on the earthly suit. Some of us are psychologically minded and aware of a self beyond what we see. Thus, we are aware of our thoughts and emotions. We try and improve ourselves and train to be more human. This is good and many are becoming increasingly aware of our mental states. Mental illness is accepted now as a health condition like any physical health condition. Yet the stigma is still there because we are seen as weak if we share our struggle with our thoughts and emotions.

Awareness of the spirit man

God is Spirit and He wants to commune with us. He does this through our spirit man. There is a whole world of the spirit that most of us reject because we do not see it. We want to understand our world because this is what makes sense and everything else is nonsense. Some of us have had our eyes opened to know that there is a spirit world and God is real.

Jesus came to make us aware of His Father in Heaven so that we could also know Him. Now we realize that there is more to life than the earthly suit we live in. We are spirit beings on an earthly journey. God has come alive in us Christians and we live in the Spirit and walk by the Spirit. This is now the new reality. The old has passed away and the new has come. Come to Jesus and embrace your salvation. And you will live in the new reality of life in the Spirit.

John Mathai

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