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“I Have A Problem With New Year’s Resolutions” 4 Year Old Shares On Popular Tradition

This little girl knows why our New Year's resolutions don't stick

Most of the children we know are only interested either in video games, toys, or any leisure activities. But not this little girl! She is what some might call an “old soul” and she’s doling out some well-beyond-her-years wisdom. In the video she talks about the truth about New Year’s resolutions and where real change happens.

Most of us, if not all, have a list of New Year’s resolutions. And that’s okay because it just means that you have the will and desire to change. That’s what God wants for us too, to change and grow from glory to glory. But the problem comes in when the wrong things motivate us.

Recently, I read a blog in JesusHacks entitled “Why You Possibly Have the Wrong Motivation for Change,” and part of it says,

“We live in an obvious culture of comparison, where we value our public, external image more than we do our internal character. Because of this, many people’s motivation for change is driven by an external circumstance rather than an internal conviction.

Two examples of this happening are a shame-based motivation and a fear-based motivation—two wrong, but common, motivations for change.”

When you are motivated by wrong motives to change, you tend to rely on yourself more than to the Holy Spirit that promises us to be the Helper that will teach us everything (John 1a 4:26). By doing this, you’re preparing to fail and in result, get frustrated with yourself and beat yourself up.

But the good news is, this little girl in the video will inspire us that change consists of those ‘thousands of little moments.’

“Each little moment that you choose what’s right instead of what’s easy, faith instead of doubt, love instead of hate, that’s where the change happens! Even if you fail one or two, or thirty times, it’s okay! You’ve got thousands of more little moments ahead of you.”

I never thought wisdom can be this adorable! How about you?

This article is written by Lei Vallejo.

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