A Lesson in Identity: Do You Really Know Who You Are? | GOD TV

A Lesson in Identity: Do You Really Know Who You Are?

A Lesson in Identity: Do You Really Know Who You Are?
A Lesson in Identity: Do You Really Know Who You Are?

Your Identity Must Only Be Built on the Blood

For all who believe in Jesus as the Christ we have become sons of God! (John 1:12) We are a part of a new family, with Christ as the firstborn, our identity no longer lies in the position of our earthly bodies; our race, looks, jobs, marital status, education and possessions.

Our identity solely lies in the fact that we are children of God. You are a daughter or son of the Most High. You are royalty. That is your new description, and this is based on the faith in the REDEMPTIVE blood of Jesus.

  • This is not earned by how good you have been all your life!
  • This is not based on whether you were born in a Christian family or not!

It is solely based on believing that Christ Jesus is the Messiah.

Christ Jesus purchased this identity for you by shedding His blood for you! This is what the blood of Jesus did for you. It made you royalty! So the life of a Christian princess is to build your identity and value on this fact! The only way you can stay in this faith, in who you are, is by reading the Word and engaging in constant ceaseless prayer. The Just shall live by faith; (Romans 1:17), when the devil comes to question your new identity, it is ONLY faith that you can use to stand firm!

Before we became born again, other things gave us a sense of value, other things defined us.

  • For some of us, our value was built on our intelligence, we always relied on our intelligence, to get us ahead or to get us out of difficult situations.
  • For some, it was built on our beauty, how shapely, fair or pretty we are! We can always rely on our beauty to get a man’s attention or make our husbands do our bidding.
  • Or we built our value on the husband we have, we dangerously build our value on how husbands compliment, praise and commend us; without that we feel valueless.

Daughters and Sons of the Most High, He gave His Only Begotten Son to be sacrificed, to die a shameful death for you, understand that to Him, you are worth everything.

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