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Four Lethal Identity Myths

Are you defined by what the world tells you or by what Jesus tells you?

Your identity is what you tell people when they ask you, “Who are you?”

Everyone longs for acceptance and significance – their whole life depends on it. As Christians, it shouldn’t be that way. You don’t need the world to define you – change the world by defining yourself. Below are Four Identity Myths that most people believe in.

1. You are defined by what you do.

These are the people who are so engrossed in achieving something, giving their all and best to be on top and beat everyone. They are the perfectionists who base their worth on their achievements. And if they don’t achieve something, they’re not worth anything.

2. You are defined by what you look like.

These people have to be the prettiest, sexiest, have the nicest wardrobe, and overall outstanding appearance. They base their worth on their physical attributes. Nothing else matters to them. They’ll spend, at all costs, everything just to have the nicest clothes, nicest car, or anything that will validate their worth. And if they can prove to themselves that they’re not the prettiest or most handsome, then they’re not worth anything.

3. You are defined by who you know.

These are the popular people. They are the people-pleasers who would trade genuine relationships just so everyone will like them. They need to keep a perfect reputation because the thought of even just a few people not liking them is terrifying. If they’re not the most popular, then they’re not worth anything.

4. You are defined by what you’ve done.

These people are the ones who have done something wrong in the past and their worth is found in those mistakes. They view themselves as messed-up people who have no hope to change. They’re past and mistakes define them. If they don’t do anything right, then they’re not worth anything.

That was a list of 4 MYTHS – meaning they’re not true. The truest essence of your identity lies within you – the Holy Spirit inside you validates your worth. The Holy Spirit is proof that you are worth more than the myths listed above. It’s up to you if you tap on the true source of your identity. The people around you can’t validate your worth, and the truth is;

You are equipped.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
You are known.
You are not your mistakes.

Meditate on these words every single day.

Credit: Jon Jorgenson

This article was written by Le-Jovale Vallejo.

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