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For The First Time Since Outbreak, IDF Records No COVID-19 Positive Case


For The First Time Since Outbreak, IDF Records No COVID-19 Positive Case
For The First Time Since Outbreak, IDF Records No COVID-19 Positive Case

For the first time since the pandemic outbreak last year, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) records no COVID-19 positive case.

Israel Defense Force (IDF)

On May 2, the IDF reported that there has been no soldier diagnosed with the coronavirus. It was the first time since the pandemic broke out in Israel over a year ago. The seemingly miraculous event was because of the extensive vaccination campaign by the Israeli government.

The IDF has been the first army in the world to reach herd immunity according to their announcement last March. Over 80% of the IDF servicemen have been vaccinated. The campaign was to maintain and ensure the health of the IDF soldiers and for the operational competence and functional continuity.

“The vaccination campaign, which was a complex and rapid medical techno-logistical operation, brought the IDF to be the first vaccinated organization in the world, and today we see another milestone in which the IDF becomes an army without Corona patients,” General Itzik Turregman, the head of the Technology and Logistics Division.


The Israeli government has been exerting efforts to protect its people from the virus. Since the vaccination for the Israelis started, the Ministry of Health has seen much improvement in the nation’s COVID-19 cases.

Over the weekend, they only have recorded 13 new COVID-19 cases of the 9,236 test done. Only 0.1% of the people tested returned positive. Because of the decrease in the number of coronavirus patients being admitted, most isolation wards in Israeli hospitals have already closed.

As of Sunday, over 5,405,000 Israelis have been vaccinated for the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines. That is 58% of the nation’s population. Over 5,094,000 Israelis have already received the second dose.

Israel hopes and prays for the continuous drop in the COVID-19 cases in the country. They are expecting that one day, they’ll be able to defeat the coronavirus.

Reference: TPS  

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