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If Waiting Gets Hard, Don’t Settle For Less!

If Waiting Gets Hard, Don’t Settle For Less!
If Waiting Gets Hard, Don’t Settle For Less!

In this day and age, everything seems fleeting. Trends change so rapidly and technology and social media have their ways to set standards for our lives. Even relationships seem surface-level and feigned.

Most people want quick-fix solutions and being patient has gone out of style. We are being pressured to conform and cope with issues as fast as we can. Waiting, in every capacity, gets harder and harder every single day. The process of waiting is tormenting us. We want direct answers and solutions.  If we can’t have them, we find various ways to have it our way – to the point of risking and compromising our faith.

What should we do when God tells us to wait? We blame God when things go wrong and seem chaotic, but left to our own devices we are only looking for the quick, easy way out.

The Bible is true to its Word that, “Apart from God you can do nothing” [John 15:5].  Without God’s guidance, we often handle things the wrong way . The more you rush something, the harder things become.

Consider the life of a butterfly. If you forcefully open the cocoon before its due date, it is likely that their wings won’t grow enough for them to fly.  This will cause them to crawl for their entire lives, or worst they will die.  However, if you allow the caterpillar to go through the process, the wings will be ready enough to give the butterfly its first take-off. The process is essential for a bold and meaningful life and a perfect take-off into a bright future.

Why does God want you to wait? Because He loves you. God is sovereign and He sees the bigger picture. He wants you to grow accordingly and see the beauty in the process of waiting.  God is more concerned about the blessings that will come to you after this season of waiting. He wants the best for you because love always chooses the best. He wants you to have the best job, the best career, the best partner in life, the best dream, and the best future.

If waiting gets hard, don’t settle for less. Don’t look for temporary solutions and alternatives. Cling to what is best because that is God’s will for you – His good, pleasing and perfect will.  Enjoy the process of waiting and hold on to God’s promises.

Credit: Steven Furtick of Steven Furtick Ministries,  Stevenfurtick.com

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