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Improved Vision Results In Acceleration Of Mission

Do you see clearly?

Improved Vision Results In Acceleration Of Mission
Improved Vision Results In Acceleration Of Mission


I recently had my cataract surgery completed which resulted in improved vision. It was like a “once I was blind but now I see” experience. The improved vision led to me feeling younger and more energized in pursuing my mission to win a million souls to Christ. Clear vision is vital to see both in the physical and spiritual realms. Without a vision (revelation) the people perish (Prov 29:18 AMPC). Therefore with the improved vision, the people have hope and live. This can be applied in different fields of life where new vision can increase our ability to pursue our goals.


Improved vision for me means that I can see more detail and also see more clearly in the distance. I have both good vision for short and long sight. I can therefore see things clearly in the distance and also nearby. We need to have long term vision as well as short term. Life is a process and our long term goals keep us committed to a long term view. Our short term vision enables us to be focused on the steps to achieve our long term goals. We need both short and long term vision. This will keep us active in seeking God daily as Jesus did. He did what He saw His Father doing.

God’s Vision

God has an overall plan for us. However, we need to live our lives daily committed to Him to achieve that plan. He has written the plan for our lives and we need to walk in obedience to that plan. We need to be in constant communion with Him to know His plans. This is to do His will in heaven here on earth. His plans are good and eternal in value. We are accumulating treasures in heaven when we do His will. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

John Mathai

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