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In Due Season, We Will All Be Rewarded

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In Due Season, We Will All Be Rewarded
In Due Season, We Will All Be Rewarded

We are each on a journey in this world and I’m learning, more and more, how each one of them can be so vastly different. Not all snowflakes are the same, and neither are our life-long journeys. In many cases, we’re each picking up the pieces (of our lives) and putting them back together again… And yes, it’s not always going to be easy.

We live in a society of many ethnicities and cultures, and many of us are choosing for ourselves who or what we believe we should follow. People are people; but, no matter how different we may be, we all know the importance of working together.

It’s taken me a lifetime to figure out a lot of what went wrong in my life, and God knows, I do still struggle. No matter how much we may choose to do the right thing, we do live in an imperfect world. And without this sense of peace (in the world), life can present with many challenges.

1 Colossians teaches us that He was there from the beginning, and that before any of it came into existence, He holds it all together right up to this moment. He is our Creator, and it is His hope that we do our best to, once and for all, live in this peace together.

We share more in common, than we don’t…

There is a divine order in which all things must come together and I believe He is bringing this order back into His eternal kingdom. Are we coming together for the good of all mankind, or are we living out our own liberties on this Earth? 

It is true, too many liberties, leads to more immorality. When we walk away from the truth, hardship and more disparity will follow. This is, sadly, a real warning for the people of this world. 

In taking our world out of it’s proper order, it has caused us more death and destruction. And if I may be so bold to say, if it’s not for God, then it’s not of God, and that will lead to further disaster. 

For the Good of All Mankind

We have to do better by our own bodies, as well as the body of this earth. Creation Care was mankind’s designated responsibility and mandate from the very beginning.

The enemy wants to create a vicious cycle that will last a lifetime, affecting (infecting) each generation. It is an attack against all of God’s creation, and in leaving this imprint for each “new” generation.

The Earth is crying out; so, let all creation listen! How we choose to move forward, will determine our future. And the only future we should hope for, is one that is pleasing to Him.

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