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Want to Prove God’s Existence? Check Out This Film, In Our Hands

Filmmaker, Gordon Robertson Says In Our Hands Proves the Existence of God

As Israel celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2018 it continues to fight many enemies. The nation’s existence has been threatened from its inception but Israel has won many battles over the years including its unlikely victory in the Six-Day War that restored Jerusalem as its capital. For many Christians including CBN’s Gordon Robertson this shows the Hand of God at work in support of the Jewish People.

In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem,” is a docudrama that recounts the historic Six-Day War, telling the story behind the formation of modern-day Israel in a way we have never seen before. The film, which was produced by CBN Documentaries, tells the story of the conflict between Israel and her neighbors that unfolded from June 5–10, 1967 — a battle that involved Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.

Last year was the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War and with Middle Eastern affairs continuing to dominate headlines, it’s important that we understand Israel’s role in Bible prophecy. “For centuries, their nation had been in exile. For a generation, they had been without access to their ancestral city,” a description of the film reads. “For six days, surrounded by enemies, Israel stood alone … and changed history.”

Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network, told Faithwire that he has two key hopes surrounding the movie’s impact: for the film to point people toward God and to start a conversation about Middle Eastern foreign policy. “If you want to prove the existence of God, look to Israel,” he said. “The number of prophecies of the return of the Jews to the land and the restoration of the land … how children will once again play in the street of Jerusalem … all of these prophecies were fulfilled either in 1948 or 1967.”

Gordon also said that he hopes to spark a conversation about Israel’s role in foreign affairs, noting that Israeli culture has survived thousands of years, with 2,000 of those years unfolding with the Jews outside of their homeland. “That in and of itself is a miracle,” he said. “[I want to] start a conversation about current foreign policy regarding the Middle East and the need for the world to recognize that Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided capital of Israel.”

Gordon discussed President Donald Trump’s pledge to recognize Jerusalem as the capital, which is now coming to fruition. The location of the US embassy in Israel, which is currently in Tel Aviv, has long been a point of contention. However the US plans to open its embassy in Jerusalem in time for Israel’s 70th Anniversary in May 2018.

Israel considers Jerusalem its capital, while Palestine also envisions the city being the capital of its own prospective future state. The USA passed a law in 1995 calling for its embassy to be moved to Jerusalem. The past three presidents enacted waivers to delay the move, citing security concerns, however President Trump has given the go-ahead.


Gordon told Faithwire that the impetus for his interest in creating the In Our Hands docudrama dates back decades to his father, Pat Robertson, sitting the family down to show them where the Bible prophesied that Israel would recapture Jerusalem.

He said he went to the Western Wall himself back in 1969 to pray and saw firsthand the joy that the Jewish people were experiencing after taking back Jerusalem. That’s a tradition that he has carried on with his own children. “Each of my children, when they turn 12, I’ve take them to Jerusalem,” he said. “We’ve pray together at the Western Wall and I baptize them in the Jordan River.”

Gordon shared the path to bring the Six-Day War story to the big screen, explaining that he and his team spoke to the actual soldiers who fought in the battle and integrated their stories into the film. But they didn’t stop there, taking other steps to integrate real-life circumstances into the docudrama.

“All the dialogue in the movie is based on either the recollections of the soldiers or what they wrote down in their diaries,” he said. “We didn’t invent any dialogue in the film.” In the end, Gordon believes In Our Hands offers something that can truly enrich the understanding of its viewers. “You’ll get the history of the Six-Day War from the point of view of the men who fought the war,” he said.

Find out more about the film here.



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